iPhone Saved a Woman’s Life During the Deadly Attack in Las Vegas

Just a few days back the world witnessed how a man brutally attacked several innocent lives in Las Vegas. Last Sunday was an unfortunate day when a gunman started firing in a crowd of 22,000 people at a concert. 59 people died while 527 people were injured.

However, later the 64-year-old culprit was shot down by the cops.

But now an interesting incident has come up. A woman who was at the concert at the time of the attack was saved by her iPhone! Yes, you read it right!


When the bullet was shot, it straight hit the iPhone, thus saving her life. The rose gold-colored iPhone is totally damaged and can’t be reused. The woman clicked the photo of the smartphone and since then the picture has become viral.

This proves that the Apple iPhone is a sturdy piece!

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