iPhone SE 2 Concept Video Resembles Mini iPhone X

After the iPhone X release, Apple fans are now looking for the compact and affordable iPhone- iPhone SE 2. Rumors are in the air about the launch of new iPhone SE this year. 2018 is ought to be a year in which Apple is trying to transform things completely. The recent video rendered showcase the details of new iPhone SE 2 in Dubai which is compact and likely to launch this summer. Apple is aware that there are many people who are still looking out the compact iPhones. We can still find the old compact iPhone 4 users which is more pocket-friendly with a smaller screen.

From the recent leaks, the possible date for the launch can be the Apple’s WWDC event. In this developers conference, the tech giant is likely to debut iPhone SE 2 along with iOS 12. A video by the Gunho Lee and ConceptsiPhone, who are experts in sharing the concepts to the world suggest the concept of iPhone SE 2 in UAE. The video shows the concept which is exactly similar to mini iPhone X.

The iPhone SE 2 borrows many features from the powerful iPhone X. If you ever imagine an iPhone X with the smaller screen of 4-inches then this would be the probable result. It even has a controversial notch on the top, but it is unclear if Apple prefers integrating face unlock in this budget-friendly handset.


Furthermore, the Apple iPhone X has a dual rear camera lens, while the so-called mini iPhone X has a single lens. This indirectly confirms the lack of portrait mode. It may also have a glass back which suggests that the device is likely to support wireless charging. There are even chances of iPhone SE 2 in UAE shipping with higher storage. Since nothing is confirmed for now, we need to wait and watch what exactly the revolutionary iPhone SE 2 is bringing in for 2018.

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