iPhone SE 2018 Review: Coming Soon

Before talking more about rumored iPhone SE 2018, let us have a quick refresh on the ongoing version of iPhone SE. Apple launched this gadget in March 2016. It is the smallest Smartphone from Apple that is still available in the market.


iPhone SE holds a 4 inches display screen with 640 x 1136 resolution, 2GB RAM, and non-expandable 16GB internal storage. The phone houses a 12MP primary camera and 1.2MP selfie shooter.

According to the latest rumor, Apple is working on to launch the new version of iPhone SE in 2018. It is likely to get unwrapped in August 2018. This would really be great news for Apple fans as it has decided to come up with lower price tag.


As we all know there has been no up gradation for this gadget since its launch, thus it is expected a new launch of the same product with some exciting add-on features. Apple is even concentrating to fill in the loopholes of its earlier version. This new version is planned to be manufactured by Taiwan-based contract electronics maker.


Recent reports even suggest that Apple is enjoying around 10 percent exemption in customs duty thus ensuring the price of gadget to be more competitive than usual.

This rumor raised against the one that was spread by Pan Jiutang, Chinese analyst that Apple has no plans to refresh iPhone SE. He even added a comment that Apple is no longer looking for up gradation as people now tend to prefer larger devices which are in trend.


Here are few specifications of new launch of iPhone SE 2018 gathered from the latest publications:

  1. Users may not be able to find any change in the look.
  2. It may sport screen size around 4-4.2 inches
  3. May be available in two storage variants (32GB and 128GB).
  4. The small-sized gadget runs on Apple A10 Soc and is backed up with 1700 mAh battery.

On the bottom note, though iPhone SE is a year older, its added features and strong performance makes it a perfect choice for Apple fans. The smartphones have increased in size in these years and surely we don't expect that this trend would diminish.

The point is will this small sized iPhone SE 2018 will withhold the competition of super-sized screen? And if you are looking out for the pocket-sized gadget with additional features and aren’t a regular video viewer, then you need to hold on probably until Aug 2018 to avail new iPhone SE 2018.


Pros and cons of iPhone SE

  • This is the only phone with 4 inches available at a premium price.
  • Battery longevity is the major plus point in this small sized gadget.
  • Yet simple, but now the screen is outdated for use. Smaller screens are not suitable to watch VR videos.
  • Advanced Camera features, which is the most important feature of Smartphone is lacking in iPhone SE.
  • 3D touch is lacking in SE
  • The fingerprint sensor is not updated.
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