iPhone X Faces Another Issue: Earpiece Speaker Emits a Buzzing Sound

Things are not going smoothly for Apple. Though they claim the new iPhone to be their best device since the time users have bought the luxurious device they are facing many problems. And the most recent issue which the iPhone X users are facing is a buzzing sound from its speaker.

Many iPhone X owners have complained about the problem on MacRumors, Twitter, and Reddit.

iPhone X

There are also many issues which the users are complaining about. Some users are getting a green vertical line on the screen and some said that their devices are not working properly in cold conditions. If you are facing any of these issues then you can go to the nearest Apple Store and get your device exchanged with a new one free of cost.

iPhone X

According to the complaints by many customers, whenever a video or music is being played at a maximum volume on the loudspeaker then the device gives out a buzzing noise. But there are some users who are facing this issue even when the volume is reduced to half. Also while playing a movie or while an alarm clock ringing or in any type of audio this issue is coming up. This doesn’t seem to be a software problem.

Now the important question is what if even after a replacement the buzzing noise still persists? Then what will be the step taken by the Cupertino Company to solve the issue?

Approximately 24 iPhone X users are facing this issue which is less in number, as per MacRumors. But it is predicted more complaints are going to come up in the following days to come.

iPhone X

Now, these issues are with the earpiece speaker. The iPhone X’s speaker also acts like a speaker. The earpiece can boost up as a speaker which works in the same way as the standard speaker. The traditional speakers are located at the base of the handset which offers a stereophonic sound.

Whether a software update or replacement of the iPhone X will solve the issue is not yet known.

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