iPhone X Hands-On-Review by Apple’s Engineer’s Daughter Becomes Viral

The world seems to be frenzied by the iPhone X. And one can go to any extent to get it. Recently an engineer at Apple who was a part of the iPhone X handed out the latest handset to his daughter who later made a hands-on-video about the iPhone X, and uploaded it online.

The engineer’s name has not been revealed, his daughter’s name is Brooke Peterson who uploaded the iPhone X video on YouTube. When Apple came to know about it they requested her to delete the video and immediately she followed their instruction and took it down. But till then the video was already viral.

It was not only about a project being leaked of a giant multinational company. It’s about violation of rules. The iPhone X is the engineer who was an employee of Apple. Since the device is still not out of the box, you just cannot hand it out to any third person even it is your family.

The Cupertino Company had to fire her father, because when it comes to security, Apple is very strict. One should not be so careless with his/her job. He should not have given the latest device to her daughter.

"At the end of the day, when you work for Apple, it doesn't matter how good of a person you are. If you break a rule they just have no tolerance"-
Brooke Peterson, daughter of fired Apple Engineer

Brooke Peterson also released another video where she gives an explanation. She said the video which she uploaded was only for fun because she loves making videos. She even said that she was not aware of the consequences. Her father has taken the responsibility of the violation of rules she said.

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