iPhone X: Remove the Top Notch by Creating an Illusion

People across the world has gone crazy for the iPhone X. Consumers waited in long queues to get their favorite handset. Some even pre-booked the newest iPhone.

The iPhone X is a special one as 2017 marks the tenth year anniversary of Apple iPhone. And it is a well-known fact that since the iPhone came to the market it has revolutionized the mobile world.

iPhone X

The iPhone X till now has received positive as well as negative feedbacks. Some people are liking the feature of Face ID while some are criticizing Apple for removing the home button.

The iPhone X has a special notch at the top of the device which has become a hot topic of discussion. The top-notch includes the TrueDepth camera which features the Face ID technology. Your device gets unlocked by the Face ID. Many people are not liking this concept. In fact, Samsung recently teased Apple for their new design in an advertisement.

As users are not used to such a concept so they may find it difficult to accept the top notch of iPhone X. However, people are now slowly accepting the new feature.

All those who are displeased by the latest iPhone top notch can try another way to avoid it. Alex Huberman has developed a brand new exclusive concept which is an improvised version of the default Live wallpaper.

You need to make some changes in the settings of wallpaper, just type to ‘still’ than ‘live’ before pinching the image and drag it as far as it goes, now this will create an illusion that the notch has disappeared. So when you open an app and you will come back to the home screen, this is an excellent option who are annoyed by the top notch of the iPhone X.

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