Here is the iPhone X-Rival “Bezel-Less” smartphone which is way Cheaper

Since the launch of iPhone X, the iPhone lovers just can’t stop talking about it. Though heavily priced people don’t mind spending a huge amount of their hard earned money on a mobile phone. But there are also many people even though they wish to get the iPhone X cannot afford it because of its high price.

But there is a good news for such people! Today we are going to tell you about a device which is no less than the Apple iPhone X and is way cheaper than it.

We are talking about Sharp Aquos R Compact manufactured by a Japanese company which holds a display of 4.9 inches with no bezel at all.

Sharp Aquos R Compact

Sharp Aquos R Compact is a mid-range smartphone which has a refresh rate of 120Hz which also includes the iPad. So you will get some high resolution and great clear pictures with sharp quality.

Sharp Aquos R Compact

The smartphone comprises of IGZO panels which render high resolution and sharpness by decreasing the thickness of the display assemble by copying with the slenderness of the smartphone. They take up less space than an LCD screen. The handset displays clean images with smooth movements.

Sadly, the Sharp Aquos R Compact is only found in Japan and it is hardly seen in any other country. This smartphone can turn the table of Apple if the company releases the Sharp Aquos R Compact globally. And the best part of the smartphone is, the device is 3X cheaper than the iPhone X.


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