iPhone2018 is Going To Be More Magnificent than the iPhone X

Apple iPhone X offers some hi-tech features which have brought a revolutionary change in the smartphone industry. The device is not only packed by the latest powerful iOS chipset but also it houses camera lens with mind-boggling features.


The iPhone X has been unveiled last month but is yet to be shipped, and in the meanwhile rumors of the next iPhone has already started coming up. Let’s check what Apple has in store for us in 2018-

Till now no official model name has been given to the next generation iPhone, some say that it will be called iPhone 8S or maybe iPhone 9. But now, let’s call it as the ‘iPhone2018’. Since it is too early to reach any conclusion, you should take the rumored specs with a ‘pinch of salt’.


Apple had bought OLED screen for their iPhone X from Samsung. The upcoming Apple iPhone2018 is expected to flaunt a huge display of 6.46 inches LCD display with a bezel-free screen, as reported by the Korean Herald.

While the iPhone X which will be shipped in November will sport a smaller screen of 5.28 inches. As per The Wall Street Journal, the iPhone 8 successors may also sport a bezel-less display just like the iPhone X.


Apple has ordered Full Active LCD screen to Japan display which made also made LCDs for the iPhone 8 Plus. So it can be said the ‘iPhone2018’ may feature LCD panels instead of OLED display. Full Active LCD display is an advanced form of LCD panel. The handsets which use Full Active LCDs have at least one large bezel just below the screen.


Recently Xiaomi Mix 2 also went for the Full Active LCDs. The best part about such displays is that they cost less.

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