Japan To Permit Drone Deliveries, Self-Driving Trucks By 2022

Japan has time and again proved to be one of the most developed countries in the world with its innovative initiatives. The technologically driven country has again made it to the news for its latest development. Sources said Japan has decided to finalize two breakthrough strategies which could bring revolutionary changes in the tech world.

Based on the information, Japan intends to outline a full-fledged plan to permit delivery of packages by drones from 2020. It also aims towards commercialization of self-driving trucks by 2022 to bring a new approach to the mode of transportation.


In a bid to improve medical services across the country, the government has been working on the usage of Big Data and artificial intelligence for better diagnosis of ailments.

“The priorities are to improve life expectancy, revolutionizing transport, modernizing supply chains, improving infrastructure and using financial technology,” an official source stated.

The government has also decided to relax certain regulations on the firms and allow them to experiment new technologies right away, free of the burden, the source added.

Japan is looking forward to the drones and autonomous vehicles to boost the workforce for quicker productivity. The decision came to fore after Japan’s biggest parcel shipper, Yamato Holdings Co, which handles maximum delivery assignments, announced that it would cut down the volume of package and increase the price due to lack of enough workers. Being one of the most developed nation, Japan has always been the first to experiment with latest technologies. For futuristic perspective, Japan is working hard on making effective the concept of drone and self-driving trucks.

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