Keep These Points In Mind Before Charging Your Smartphone

Smartphones are like mini computers which you can easily carry everywhere. Also, smartphone serves various purposes and has made our lives easy and convenient. But when it comes to battery, the basic handsets outperform the flagship smartphones as well.

A smartphone generally lasts about 2-3 years. Battery problem is the first one to occur. You should take some extra precautions which will help your battery to last longer and boost your phone’s performance well.


Today we are going to share some tips which will enable you to improve your smartphone’s battery life-
1. Charge Your Smartphone with Original Charger
It is recommended that you should always charge your phone with the original charger itself. Sometimes we forget to carry our charger and then we charge our phone with a duplicate one which we shouldn’t be doing it. Just check the output voltage (V) and current (Ampere) before using the duplicate charger.



2. Remove protective case while charging
A smartphone generally turns warm while charging, so you should remove the protective case while charging. This can act as a barrier and slow down heat dissipation. If possible, try to flip the phone over while charging.


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3. Never Leave Your Phone To charge overnight
Some people have the habit of leaving their phone overnight in charge. This is a big mistake. It affects the battery and also overheats the smartphone. So unplug your charge when you feel it is sufficiently charged.



4. Avoid third party battery apps
Some people install battery or power management app on their smartphone. There are many applications available in Google Play Store that claims to increase the battery life of Android. These apps are actually not much of a use. It just increases the battery load and consumes more battery.

5. Always Charge Up To 80%
It is said that 80% charge is sufficient for a day and it is ideal for overall battery lifespan. Crossing the 80% mark can make your battery to overheat, thereby affecting battery’s life. So, it’s not necessary that your smartphone should always be completely charged.

6. Avoid Constant recharge

We tend to charge smartphones when it reaches the 50% battery mark. This is a big NO NO! According to experts users must refill their phones once the battery goes down to 20%. Studies have claimed that unnecessary and frequent recharges shorten the lifespan of the battery.

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