Learn To Create Coding Free Android Apps With These Softwares

Ever thought of creating your own Android application but taken a back step following the tedious coding and programming process involved in it? I am sure you must have at some point of it. Terms like coding, debugging, compiling, HTML and other programming languages could sound alien to someone, not from a technical background. But don't worry as we got you the perfect solution to this.

Now imagine if we tell you that it is feasible to create Android apps sans coding? Yes, you heard it right. We bring you a list of Softwares which allows you to create your own customized Application without the hassle of programming language. Moreover, it bets to save a lot of time and money as well. In fact, it could be profit-making too. Exciting isn't it?


Okay so let's get started.


Andromo is so easy to access that anyone can create an Android application within minutes. All you need to do is sign up here for free and enjoy the process of creating your own Android app. Andromo uses Java code for the apps and complies the same on cloud servers using Google's Android SDK.




You can create your Android app using AppYet, which can be used at the professional level and draw money. Also, using the software helps you to save a lot of time as it claims to create 100 percent pure native code in just 5 minutes for creating the application. The final output can be published in Google play store, which will also support RSS/Atom, HTML5, Podcast, YouTube, Twitter, MapBox.


Appy Pie

Creating an Android app has never been so easy as it with Appy Pie. This popular App maker works for both Android and iPhone phones. The software helps in creating the application for the user without any knowledge of coding and programming. Appy Pie creates the app and publishes it on Google Play store and iTunes. This hybrid app can function in Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Windows phones.



You can customize your app within minutes through AppClay. It is a quick and easy software, which allows you to create your app without any hassle of coding. The useful software is developed by ShepHertz Technologies, who have designed it with an user-friendly interface for easy accessibility. It can create apps with HTML5 support and for native Android and Blackberry 10 apps.



It is one of the best App builders, which helps you create different kinds of Android apps without any limitations. Like Appy Pie, Buzztouch also creates hybrid applications which can work for iPhones and Android OS phones. BtCentral Control Panel is another app which is utilized to direct versatile applications made utilizing Buzztouch.



This free service software allows you to create an Android application without any restrictions. You can create unlimited apps from this and make money by publishing those. AppsGeyser converts your file into an App and even attaches features like messaging, tabs, share on social media, HTMLs and everything that you need to build the app.



Through AppMachine you can either create your own app and also be a reseller and build an app for others. Doesn't that sound profitable? It is easy and quick to build the app using AppMachine, which will publish it on Google Play store or iTunes. It is extremely time-saving and low cost.

Good Barber

Want to initiate a startup business but have to depend on a program developer to create the official app? Not anymore as Good Barber has got your back. This helps in creating a wonderful Android app with a user-friendly interface which can render a lot of positive response from people. You can add some of your creative flavors to the app and let all be done by Good Barber.


Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie not only helps in creating the application easily but also takes care of mobile marketing. You can start a full-fledged business by creating the app through this useful software and enjoy maximum benefits.  It supports all kinds of media files.



This is one of the credible software sought for creating Android applications by leading global brands. It provides a unique style of work and delivers amazing results. They have two modes solution to create an app, first through the online toolkit and the other is from the training imparted by them. You can create and customize the application as per the requirement with the help of TheAppBuilder.


Now you can let go of all your worries and work on creating the Applications for yourself or others in minutes. This couldn't have been any better!

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