Learn to Disable the Touch ID sensor only in iOS 11 Handsets

The biometric system in Apple iPhones has certainly improved the security system. No, any unauthorized person can unlock your iPhone. The feature of Touch ID sensor cannot be stopped nor can be disabled.


But since the software update to iOS 11, Apple has provided with the option of disabling the fingerprint sensor. Today we have brought you a step by step process which will tell you how to disable the Touch ID sensor of the iPhone.

Follow the following steps to disable the Touch ID for a short period of time-

Step 1

Your iPhone needs to run on the latest processor iOS 11. If you are not sure about it then go and check the Software Update settings. Remember only the iPhone handsets running on iOS 11 has the feature to disable the Touch IDs sensor.

Step 2

Simply press the power buttons 5 times rapidly and this will trigger the SOS on the iPhone. Now do not touch on any of the options on the SOS screen instead make an exit the screen by touching the cross button. Next when you unlock your device, then you will be asked to enter a PIN.


Step 3

So now the touch ID becomes non-functional and you or anyone can unlock your iPhone by just entering the PIN.

Step 4

By the following the above steps, you can disable the fingerprint sensor only for once. So the nest time again if you want to pass through it you have to repeat it again.

Always remember that only if your iPhone supports the iOS 11 processor then only you will be able to disable the fingerprint sensor. Do try this and also share it with others.

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