Lenovo’s Upcoming Smartphone Is Named As Lenovo ‘K8 Note’ Instead Of ‘K7 Note’

From quite a long time Lenovo has been giving us the teaser of its ‘KillerNote’ smartphone without providing much of its details. But a new teaser post from Lenovo has revealed the final name of the device.
The teaser was out in a Twitter post which said the 'Note' version of the device. "Not as simple as it looks! Solve & drop your answers to guess the name of the next #KillerNote!”.

Lenovo K8 Note

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As per the message, the Chinese company will unveil Lenovo K8 Note smartphone. The last ‘Note’ model fell under ‘K6 Note series so the next should be K7, but the tech giant will not follow the serial order. The upcoming device will be named as the Lenovo K8 Note.
However, there is no specific reason as to why company skipped the serial number series.

Lenovo K8 Note
Since there is no official confirmation, we have to believe the rumors. Lenovo K8 Note will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625. This processor will ensure a swift and smooth performance of the device.
The mighty chipset is also capable of supporting heavy multitasking and heavy gaming. Chances are high that the forthcoming device may be priced at the upper end.

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This year in May, Lenovo stated that they had no plan to drop their own smartphone brand. The company group chairman and chief executive Yang Yuanqing told Reuters that the Chinese Conglomerate plans to keep safe its Lenovo-Motorola dual-brand deal. "We will never phase out Lenovo," Yang said to Reuters.

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