LG G7 May Feature Improved LCD Instead of OLED To Reduce Costs

Now there is a new interesting news about the LG’s upcoming flagship, LG G7. The New report claims the device to feature improved LCD display instead of OLED in order to cut down manufacture costs. However, it is still possible to have a controversial notch on the top end of the panel. From the previous rumors, we understand that LG is planning to redesign the entire model of LG G7 from scratch. Now, it is likely that LG G7 will arrive without OLED display.


With the OLED technology being the current trend among many popular flagship models, it is definitely a surprise for LG fans to have a device without the hottest trend. However, the result of adopting OLED panel with tiny bezels is a higher price tag. Maybe this huge increase in the manufacturing costs is keeping LG away from OLED panels.

New LCD Panel To Be More Energy Efficient Than Traditional LCD

Early rumors claim that the LG’s upcoming smartphone will feature an MLCD+ panel that is presumed to consume 35% less power than regular LCD panel. In fact, this technology also offers better brightness and contrast. OLED panels cost twice more than LCD panels. Apart from being expensive, there are only a few OLED panel manufacturers in the market. While the South Korean giant is the biggest manufacturer, it is still facing issues to find buyers. Even the inclusion of OLED panel in iPhone X increased the price tag hugely which in turn reduced the sales of iPhone X.


LG V30 was the first smartphone from LG that sports OLED panel. Despite including impressive features with OLED, it didn’t impress the users. This decision of sticking on to the tradition of LCD panels can probably boost up the sales of the company. Considering the previous losses and reduced iPhone X orders, LG may definitely prefer trying out the same old LCD panel. The LG G7 Dubai may further have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC with 8GB of RAM. It is likely to launch in May.

For a surprise, rumors even hint that the Cupertino company is even working on the new phone with LCD panel thus cutting down the price tag. Along with this, Apple will even launch two other iPhone models sporting OLED panels.

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