LG Is Coming Up With A Smartpen To Compete With Smartphone

LG the Korean brand is here with great innovations in the field of electronics. They bring out the best through R&D for their customers. The LG was never behind in the market, where Samsung and Apple are leading, LG is also coming up with the things to give the great competition to the rivals. LG is also in the run of bringing the foldable smartphone like others. It has its patent and it will be very soon to see the foldable smartphone. With this news, there is another big plan of LG has revealed. The latest updates are that LG is working on the new innovative device. It would be not a smartphone or not a stylus. It would be the merger of both which will bring out the best. If that innovation becomes successful so we might witness a new smart device in the future.


It looks like that LG is coming up with a smartpen in the stylus form but in actual the plans of LG are far more advanced. The recent news is leaked when LG has applied for a patent. The patent LG wants is for a whole new level of the smartpen. It is not just a stylus but it has its very unique and smart features. The three of the most exciting things are discussed below which made this pen advanced and not so ordinary like a stylus.

1. Display Screen

This smartpen will be having a display screen. That screen would be fit into the smartpen. The screen would be like the material of LG roll out plasma TV.  On pressing the button the screen display would roll out from the center of the pen and will be working as a touch screen to perform various tasks. It will allow the emailing, calling, messaging, watching movies and all the other smartphone functions most probably. The uniqueness here is that until now nobody has come up with this idea to insert a display itself in the stylus. This device will sure give boom as it will be handy display yet a pen in the pocket. The other heavy smartphones would be then less in demand.

22. Smartpen As A Smartphone

The amazing thing revealed by the patent is that this smartpen is not only used for the smart display but it has the main function of the smartphone as well. It will work like the mobile phone as the earpiece and speaker both will be installed within it. Moreover, it would be having a plethora of sensors which are a gyro, e-compass, proximity, pressure, camera and even eye-tracking sensors. The smartpen might also be landing with the fingerprint sensor. It would be a complete handset and might replace the smartphone.

33. Paired With Other Smart Devices

Another amazing thing here is that this smartpen is not a single device but it can be associated and paired with any other smart device like a smartphone, tablet, laptop etc. Maybe it will function with the LG smart TV as well. It will be working as a stylus as well as a smartpen with other smart devices.


This smartpen with these stunning features is already creating the hype in the market. It would be indeed a great innovation. It would be compact and light in weight, handy and multifunctional. So basically it can take over the smartphones. If this patent is registered by LG we expect this device very soon in the market. But there are also chances that the patent is only registered to keep that idea away from the rivals because most of the times companies do this also as the competition in this technology industry is so high.  The foldable trend is already high up in the market but this would be the future of smart device if this device comes to the reality. The same kind of the display device is also patented by Samsung but it not a pen but it is only a display in a stick like structure body which rolls out on pressing a button.


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