Have a look at some of the lock screen apps for Android

Android smartphones are pretty popular because of its customization. The Android platform supports almost all apps and opens all the websites without any problem.

Today we are going to discuss few lock screen applications which will completely change the overall look of your Android smartphone.

Here we go-

  1. Corgi for Feedly News Magazine

This app is like a personal magazine on the lock screen. You can read news and stories from your favorite websites with unlocking your phone. Follow some websites by topic or find a specific site by typing it into the search bar. You will always find new topics or blogs.


  1. Next Lock Screen

Next Lock Screen is a perfect choice for busy are always on the go. It also protects your phone from unwanted access by others. This app is a wonderful locker app for everyday use.


  1. AcDisplay

This app will show you the notifications in a small, beautiful screen. You will be able to open the notifications directly from the lock screen. You can just take your phone out of your pocket or purse to check all the notifications, in a simple way.


  1. Cover Lock Screen (beta)

This is app is an awesome one! With this app you will be able to access the right apps at the right moment. Cover learns which apps you use in different contexts and puts them right on your lock screen for an easy access.Automatically you will see different apps at home, in the car, at work, and when you’re out.


  1. SnapLock Smart Lock Screen

This app gives you a buttery smooth experience. SnapLock Smart Lock Screen. This app makes your smartphone look fresh and new. Do try this app.


  1. Screen Lock Guardian

Screen Lock Guardian protects your documents and apps form unauthorized people. You will know who tried to break in with the silent selfie feature, and set a maximum amount of unlocking attempts. You just need to set a pattern or set a PIN number.


  1. ZUI Locker

Once you download this app, this will make your phone look stunning. Efficiency and security are the top priority of the ZUI Locker. The HD wallpapers will automatically update.


  1. Echo Notification Lockscreen

Echo Notification Lockscreen is an app which works swiftly. This lock screen lets users create notification categories such as ‘work,’ ‘media’ and ‘social’ and also lets users choose the apps to go with them.


  1. Picturesque

This app allows users shortcut for wallpaper, Notifications, quick launch camera, cricket, top news, weather, tools, search the web, call/messages to launch directly from the lock screen itself. You must try this app for yourself.



  1. Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock

Once this Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock is enabled it will make a loud alarm sound, fire a police siren, starts to vibrate and blink effects on the screen, thus making the person refrain from taking your phone.


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