LumiWatch- A Projector Smartwatch To Turn Your Arm Into A TouchScreen

Smartphones and Smartwatches have gained a huge importance in this present world. Considering the huge popularity, the popular manufacturers are coming up with new inventions regularly thus attracting the users. Recently, the tech giant Apple introduced the 3D facial technology with Apple iPhone X to unlock the device. Today this has become the trend and smartphone manufacturers are integrating the same technology in their upcoming devices.

As for the smartwatches, there wasn’t much advancement in these past years. However, the new rumors put an end to the conventional model of smartwatches. Few researchers have come up with an idea of a smartwatch that projects the screen on the arm and makes it as an interactive UI. Until now, this was thought to be just a rumor. But the concept of LumiWatch proves its existence. Developed by the researchers of the Carnegie Mellon University, the LumiWatch prototype displays a timepiece which projects images on the arm and turns it into a touchscreen. Just swipe over the projected image to unlock the device and apps are displayed on the arm.

LumiWatch Specs

Researchers claim that this will make the interface to be 5 times bigger than the regular smartwatches. This impressive wrist-bound electronic device packs in a logic board, battery, projector and a depth sensor. In order to make it comfortable to use even in outdoor conditions, the 15-lumen projector makes use of three lasers- Red, Blue, and Green. Other hardware internals includes 1.2GHz Qualcomm CPU, 740mAh Li-ion battery, 4GB flash memory and 768MB of RAM. It runs on Android 5.1 and is said to have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options.



Measuring around 50mm X 41mm X 1733, the LumiWatch is quite bigger than the Apple watch Series 3. There is no information if the upcoming smartwatch would have a camera app. To remind, this is just a prototype that is being released and you need to wait for the smartwatch getting into reality. Researchers further suspect the LumiWatch price to be around AED 2203.

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