Meet The Best Robots Unveiled At CES 2018

CES is exciting as it is a place where we get to see some latest and innovative real-world applications live. With many gadgets coming live, Robots are something everyone is interested to look at.


The robots at the trade show are capable of cleaning floors, assisting in household tasks, and can even act as a health assistant. Here let us take a look at the best robots that are unveiled at this popular Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in LasVegas.

Aeolus Bot

At CES 2018, Aeolus Robotics introduced the multi-functional home robot with AI capabilities and machine learning. It is even given an agile arm cable that is capable of holding household objects. This intelligent robot can easily adapt to the environment and finishes your task with an ease thus saving your time in the busy schedule.

According to Alexander Huang, Global CEO of Aeolus Robotics, “At Aeolus Robotics, it’s our mission to bring together the latest in robotics, AI and machine learning in an affordable in-home robot,” “Costing less than a family vacation overseas, the Aeolus Robot makes the dream of having a home robot a reality and frees up valuable time for you to do the things you want to do.”


It sports numerous features like recognizing items and can pick the items from the floor. The Aeolus Bot has the ability to make use of the vacuum cleaners and can even make a dry mop.

Buddy The Robot

The Blue Frog Robotics created a social bot that is given the name as Buddy. The face is inclusive of a giant screen that features cartoon-like eyes. The robot is designed to play games, answer questions, remind daily tasks and events. It can even act as a smart hub for the thermostats, light bulbs and other smart appliances.


The Buddy is controlled with a synced smartphone app. It has the ability to move around at 70cm per second. The firm further claims its importance in delivering elderly care, detecting unusual activity, assisting medications and analyzing the occurrence of fall.


At CES 2018, LG introduced three robots from CLOi family. Though the robots from this family look quite expensive, they can accomplish the tasks in a much efficient and reliable way. Through these bots, LG is showcasing its artificial intelligence capabilities. However, it was a huge disappointment for LG this time as the robot was unable to respond the task given.


In general, the CLOi bot responds to the commands through the LG hub Robot. It can give you cooking instructions, preheat the oven and much more. Along with this, LG took CES to unveil ThinQ for smart appliances.

Sony Aibo

Its an intelligent robot puppy showing off its Artificial intelligence skills. Sony relaunched the upgraded robot dog, that is winning huge applause at CES 2018. This new and advanced puppy is far more realistic when compared to its predecessor.


It holds two eyes, pads on his feet and features a wide range of movement abilities. Once you own the robot dog, it is completely yours and will get used to you. It can even mingle quickly with the non-robotic pets around you.

Sophia The Robot

Sophia is an intelligent robot from Hanson Robotics a Hong-Kong company. It is given a DRC-HUBO body that lets the Sophia walk. Hanson Robotics is working collaboratively with Rainbow Robotics and Autonomous Systems lab to accomplish this task.

According to Hanson Robotics Chief Scientist Dr Ben Goertzel “Giving Sophia a more complete and robust embodiment is a key part of our ongoing, rapidly accelerating quest to supply her and our other Hanson robots with general intelligence at the human level and ultimately beyond”


Thanks to the material used for constructing Sophia, as it gives a real human musculature with a skin that seems to be quite impressive. It works with other robots and can identify 60 different facial expressions. It can maintain an eye contact with a human eye, track faces and can even have a normal conversation.

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