Microsoft to Come with a Foldable Tablet in 2018

We were expecting that Microsoft will soon come up with their Surface Phone which will be at par with the latest iPhone X, Galaxy Note 8, LG V30 and all the latest smartphones.


According to rumors, it is now being said that Microsoft is working on a new project. The device will feature two screens and will be quite large in size. It is mostly expected that the equipment will mostly be released in 2018 and will bring in a revolutionary change in the mobile world.

The device will be a tablet with a bendable screen. The tablet will be made with a CSheel and Windows Core OS which are some new key features of the Windows 10. The tablet will be named as ‘Andromeda’.

The main feature of the handset will be the foldable dual screen and a sensitive pen-tip which will help the user to operate it smoothly. The tablet Andromeda is expected to perform on the ARM processors.

However, it is too early to predict any information about Andromeda. Since Microsoft has not been successful in the field of smartphones, so Microsoft’s Andromeda is expected to change the game for the giant software company.

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