Microsoft Surface Book 2 Facing Serious Problem While Gaming

On October 17, Microsoft launched Surface Book 2 in two models. It received several positive reviews for its performance and battery life. However, it is surprising that the 15 inches Microsoft Surface Book 2 is now facing serious battery draining problem, especially while heavy 3D gaming.


The laptop is designed to deliver the best performance and battery life. However in some instances, wherein there is a heavy gaming session with power mode set to “Best Performance”, there is a chance of battery draining. The users may not expect this especially when it is plugged in.

The power management design ensures that battery is not drained completely, but it would certainly effect gaming session. The probable reason behind this problem would be the battery power.


Microsoft Surface Book 2 supplies 95 Watts of power which is not sufficient, especially while we trying to get the maximum performance from graphics card and CPU at the same time. The graphics card alone requires around 80w power to perform effectively.

Microsoft Spokesperson confirmed the fact the battery may not perform well in a heavy gaming session. But at the same time, it will not drain out in any circumstance.

Overall, we can expect the giant company to design high-end charger in near future that provides feasibility during heavy usage. This is definitely a negative aspect of Microsoft Surface Book 2 that was launched recently.

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