Microsoft Surface Phone: A Foldable Smartphone Or A Phablet

Microsoft is well known American company which is so much into computers and software. The company is being in business for about 40 years. The founder is famous Bill Gates. Microsoft has always been with the computer experiences. The idea of this brand is to bring the complete systems into whole a device. The Microsoft all time phenomena is to bring the complete PC experience into the smartphone device.


Not only on hardware but on software still the Windows leader of every single computer is Microsoft. After the windows, the Microsoft Office Suite software for text record, presentations and recording of data is made by Microsoft and is used by every single person having the computer system.  To keep that connection with their customers Microsoft partnered with the very reliable brand of the year 2000 smartphone maker that is Nokia. Both of the companies tried to bring Microsoft system smartphones but that was the failed move as the customers were obsessed with the Android and IOS. Microsoft has also entered into gaming market by bringing up the full gaming experience through X-box.

2Earlier the company has produced some devices like tiny computers around 1996. But now again Microsoft is back with this idea and working on the tiny computer device which can be called as a mini laptop in the smartphone form.  The Microsoft surface laptops are much in demand and provide great specs and features for the customers.


Microsoft was in news to bring that Surface laptop device into the smartphone. The foldable device concept or smartphone concept is also trending as big names like Samsung, Apple, Motorola, and Huawei have their patents and experimenting on the foldable smartphone. Microsoft is also in limelight for its foldable device and it is expected that the foldable device is going to be the Microsoft Surface Mini or Microsoft Surface Phone.


Microsoft is working on this device for two years with the code name of Andromeda. The details are now leaked through the email. The device is still in the blurry line that whether it is going to be a mini pocket laptop or a foldable smartphone. It is indeed going to be pocket size device but still, the confusion about it is at the top. Microsoft has said that it is going to be an innovative device with the best hardware and software experience and will bring the versatile computing experience. The air is still not clear that whether it is a foldable smartphone or phablet. Microsoft says the new device will create a “new and disruptive” product category. The source of information is The Verge which cites an internal document of Microsoft.


Pocket Size

The Microsoft Surface Phone is a pocket-sized device which is kind of a smartphone but actually a phablet. The device might be of 6 inches or greater but would fit into the pocket and will be handy. It will be having a look of a smartphone but in a foldable design. The design will not make it big in size as it will be a pocket size as claimed by Microsoft.

Foldable Design

The Microsoft Surface Phone is going to be foldable in design. It will be having a design which will allow it to turn and fold into different angles. This will be the great innovation as other brands like Samsung also bringing the foldable device but it is not confirmed that, whether it might fold into various aspects or will be bendable screen device.


Dual Screen

The expected foldable design is the dual screen. The Microsoft Surface Phone will be featured with the dual screen which will turn into one big screen like a tablet on unfolding. The two screens are going to be connected together in a book form. The design of dual screen also recently got leaked by the Samsung of its experimenting prototype “Project Valley”. ZTE Axon M has also the same design with dual screens. But still, it is not confirmed that whether on unfolding Microsoft Surface Phone will give the single screen look without joint or will be in book form with a joint in the center.


The Microsoft Surface Phone codename Andromeda is also expected to be launched with a stylus. The device can fold over like a book and a pen can be used to capture digital ink. The stylus is a pen which helps to write, draw and note down things on the screen with its connectivity to the device. The most known device with stylus till now is Samsung Galaxy Note series.



The device may be powered by the Snapdragon 1000 chipset.  This Qualcomm chip will be challenging some of the best processors by Intel, the Surface Phone could potentially outdo the most other flagship smartphones, even though if they are running at the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. It is also expected that the phone might run on the Arm or traditional x86 processor. The mobile-focused Arm architecture usually delivers much better battery life but at the expense of phone performance.

Microsoft Surface Phone Price in Dubai

The Microsoft Surface Phone price in Dubai, UAE is still not confirmed. The device is the process of development and there is no revelation about the price yet. It is expected that it might be having the premium prices according to the specifications and features associated with it.

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date in Dubai

The Microsoft Surface Phone release date in Dubai, UAE is expected to be at the end of 2018. The device is in the developing and testing phase and it is expected to be revealed soon. It can be changed or delayed by the Microsoft as noting is being confirmed or reported by the company.

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