Microsoft’s Cortana Coming Soon to Skype

Microsoft after a series of tests declared the arrival of Cortana, the personal artificial intelligence assistant to Skype. Microsoft's Cortana will now act in two ways for the dynamics in Skype.

For instance, Cortana will be working as an assistant during the chats, recommending answers, obviously considering the context of the discussion. Have a look at the image below-



This method has been already seen the smart Facebook assistant in Facebook Messenger and also in Gmail where they recommend “smart answers”.

Also, if Cortana finds senses that we are planning any event or any activity, then the AI will come up with creating a reminder by marking the date and venue. And on Skype, Cortana will work as a chatbot.

You can ask any question to Cortana, about anything you want, thanks to the dynamics of the AI. And this can be done even without leaving Skype or during a call also.

Microsoft is developing Cortana for Skype which will be compatible with iOS and Android platform as well. As of now, this feature is available for the users in the USA only.

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