Samsung Galaxy X Latest Teaser Shows Foldable Handset With Three OLED Panels

It is a known fact that Samsung is about to launch the Samsung foldable handset. Rumored to be the Samsung Galaxy X or Samsung Galaxy S10, the alleged handset was speculated to have two OLED panels. Few rumors further state the device to be the Note model. The recent rumors suggest something different and suggest the screen to have three OLED panels instead of two. Two of those OLED panels are of 3.5-inches, thus resulting in a 7-inches display when unfolded. This size is almost equal to the size of iPad Mini. Rumors also display another OLED panel that pops up only when the device is in Phone Mode. While working in the tablet/Laptop mode, the third display will be hidden at the rear end. The device is said to be working in two different modes- Phone mode and Laptop mode. In Phone mode, the Samsung Galaxy X will be

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Tips & Tricks To Speed Up Internet Connectivity On Your Smartphone

Internet, the most common term that is heard worldwide irrespective of the age and profession. In the present world, the use of internet has become quite common both in personal and professional life. It seems like the world is nothing without access to the Internet. As the Internet connectivity lets you perform a wide range of activities from a single point, thus reducing the hassle of moving around. With the smartphones being increasingly popular, the need for the Internet access on the smartphone has become mandatory. Nowadays it is getting more affordable. From shopping to education, Internet access, especially on the Android smartphones, has become vital. It is quite important to have a speed internet connectivity to stay ahead of the competition. Considering the importance, here we have covered few tips and tricks that can boost up the speed of internet connectivity while working on Android smartphones. Remove Unnecessary applications

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Nikon Mirrorless Camera Is Confirmed to Arrive In 2019

Finally! Nikon reveals something about the existence and launch of the Mirrorless camera. Keeping an end to the rumors, the Nikon manager confirms the launch of the Nikon mirrorless camera probably by Spring 2019. Since 2017, this is the first official news from Nikon about the Nikon mirrorless camera launch date UAE. So, we can expect this innovative camera to make its presence by June 2019.   “Unfortunately, we weren't able to bring out a mirrorless model for this year's event. But development is underway, and we expect to bring one to market by spring next year.” Apart from the approximate launch date, the company did not specify any details regarding its specs and features. However, the rumors claim the mirrorless camera to have a new lens mount called Z-mount that features an external diameter of 49mm. Moreover, in one public statement, the Nikon director stated that the Nikon mirrorless

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LumiWatch- A Projector Smartwatch To Turn Your Arm Into A TouchScreen

Smartphones and Smartwatches have gained a huge importance in this present world. Considering the huge popularity, the popular manufacturers are coming up with new inventions regularly thus attracting the users. Recently, the tech giant Apple introduced the 3D facial technology with Apple iPhone X to unlock the device. Today this has become the trend and smartphone manufacturers are integrating the same technology in their upcoming devices. As for the smartwatches, there wasn’t much advancement in these past years. However, the new rumors put an end to the conventional model of smartwatches. Few researchers have come up with an idea of a smartwatch that projects the screen on the arm and makes it as an interactive UI. Until now, this was thought to be just a rumor. But the concept of LumiWatch proves its existence. Developed by the researchers of the Carnegie Mellon University, the LumiWatch prototype displays a timepiece which

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LG G7 ThinQ: Release Date, Rumors, Specs and Price in UAE

The most anticipated LG G7 was unable to make its appearance at MWC 2018. Probably this could be so as to avoid the discrepancy and comparison with the most popular Samsung Galaxy S9. Thanks to the leaks and rumors that leave us with few details of the LG G6 successor which it ought to be with the name LG G7 ThinQ. With the tag name of ThinQ, LG is implementing AI features into the device. The recently launched LG V30S ThinQ features the AI capabilities along with the dedicated button called Google Assistant. Considering the excitement of the LG G7 ThinQ release date UAE, here we have rounded up all those rumors pertaining to the LG G7 ThinQ design, rumors, specs and price in UAE. LG G7 ThinQ Release Date in UAE The LG G6 was one of the best smartphones of 2017 as it offers great design, massive display,

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Vs Huawei P20 Pro: Which Smartphone Is The Best

Recently, the Chinese manufacturer introduced the new high-end smartphone Huawei P20 Pro. With the triple camera setup, the Huawei P20 Pro in Dubai is leading the present smartphone industry. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is another top-end smartphone from the South Korean giant that offers high-class specifications and impressive performance. Both devices are loaded with awesome features thus rendering high-quality performance among the top-end Android smartphones of 2018. Here we have compared the design, specs, and features of these top-tier smartphones and let us see how they differ and in which areas they are similar. Design & Display With almost similar design as the Samsung Galaxy S8, the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus features the curvy design and doesn’t have a notch on the top as in Huawei P20 Pro. While the Huawei handset is 7.8mm thick, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is a bit thicker at 8.5mm. Moreover, the

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Best Sony Xperia Smartphones to Buy in 2018

Sony is one of the well-known brands in the smartphone market. Though it is not so popular as the tech giant Apple and the South Korean giant Samsung, the new Sony smartphones have grabbed huge attention. Featuring almost similar specs as in the high-end smartphones like iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, the Sony Xperia smartphones in UAE are of the popular choice in the recent days. Previously it was known to have the same old design with a hefty look, the latest Xperia handsets have changed it completely with tiny bezels display and premium design. Moreover, the Sony Xperia smartphones of 2018 are available at lower price than the Samsung smartphones and iPhones. Considering the popularity, here we listed out few best Sony Xperia smartphones in Dubai that you can prefer to buy in 2018. Sony Xperia XZ2 The latest Sony flagship smartphone offering top-notch

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Nokia X6 Leaked Images Reveal A Notch-Design With 19:9 Display

HMD Global is reported to launch an X-series smartphone On April 27, 2018. While the previous rumors suggest it to be the higher-end smartphone Nokia 10, the new rumors suggest something different. Recently Nokia introduced a slew of smartphones and is now wager to launch the new Nokia X6. According to the leaked images, the Nokia X6 in Dubai gives a premium look but the internal specifications of the handset are average. The leaked specifications and the Nokia X6 design resemble Nokia 7 Plus especially with the rear panel. It is expected to have a display notch as in iPhone X. If renders are to be true then the device might have tiny bezels around. There is a narrow chin with a traditional Nokia branding on the bottom right side. As for the camera setup, the device features vertically aligned the dual camera with a fingerprint scanner below it. There

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Google Pixel 2XL Vs Huawei P20 Pro

Two beautifully designed smartphones in the present market from Google and Huawei are Google Pixel 2XL and Huawei P20 Pro. The Huawei P20 Pro is the first Huawei smartphone to feature iPhone X notch with a big screen. While the Google Pixel 2 XL is nowhere less in terms of specifications and design. Though it was introduced in 2017, it is still the best smartphones of 2018 featuring an impressive camera. Can I withstand the competition with the latest Huawei P20 Pro in Dubai? Here in this article, let us compare these two best smartphones of 2018. Design & Display Despite being the high-end smartphone, the Huawei P20 Pro boasts 6.1-inches AMOLED display. This is a bit higher than the Google Pixel 2XL 6-inches OLED panel. Though there is no much difference in the display size, we can find a vast difference in terms of screen resolution. The Huawei P20

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Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 To Launch With Snapdragon Chip and 18:9 Display

After the launch of Xiaomi Mi 6X/A2, now Xiaomi is looking forward to launch the successor of Xiaomi Mi Pad 3. Though it is not official the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 release date UAE is likely to happen in October 2018. The Mi Pad tablets normally offer a good range of specs at an affordable price. Now it is like the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 will launch with the impressive specs to make it compete with the high-end smartphones of 2018. The Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SoC. The Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 packs in Intel Atom x5 processor and the Mi Pad 3 has MediaTek chipset under the hood. If rumors are to be true, then the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 will be the first handset featuring Snapdragon processor. Rumors further claim the tablet to feature an 18:9 display with narrow bezels. Instead

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