Must Have Dubai Apps To Make Your Life Easier

There are so many apps which serve many purposes. In iOS and Google Play Store you will get a wide range of apps related to business, games, education, and lot more.

There are thousands of apps and so it is difficult for someone to spend time figuring out that which apps are worth for their time and use. So we have listed some amazing apps which will spoil you for good. Let’s have a look-

  1. Wojhati



If you are living in Dubai then this app is a very useful for you if you use public transport on a daily basis. You should install this application on your smartphone. Wojhati is developed by RTA and it helps you to plan your journey by using real-time maps and GPS services.

This app also informs you in real-time if the buses are running late. You can even bookmark your favorite locations. The app hardly gives you any wrong information, sometimes there may be a delay of 1-3 minute, which is acceptable.


  1. Udrive



These little green cars are parked all over Dubai. Udrive provides affordable cars which you can rent to travel all over the city. You just need a valid UAE driving license and an Emirates ID card to use the service.

The registration needs to be done in the app which will take just a few minutes time. You also have the option of calling them for a quick activation.

A trip from Business Bay to t Ibn Battuta mall would cost you approx. Dh60 in an Uber X, a little less in a taxi and Dh10 by metro. Udrive will cost you Dh25 including the Dh4 Salik charge.


  1. Keno



Just download and register your and your car details for your car wash. This is a Dubai –based Car Wash app. The app has got an impressive interface.

Your car will be washed for Dh35 and the interior cleaning for Dh 15. They wash your car by a motorcycle with a mini water tank and the cleaning supplies are kept in the box on the back.

Don’t forget to mention your apartment of office number for your building's security guards.


  1. The Entertainer



This is a popular app which helps you to save money. On average users save an estimated Dh6,300 a year from over 4,500 offers at 1,400 venues.

This app lets you Buy-One-Get-One app. The price starts at Dh245 for the ‘Dubai 2017’ package with another package free. If you have missed year be ready for the upcoming year.


  1. Spoonfed



Spoonfed has a tagline which says “Order food from Karama Restaurants, delivered to New Dubai.” It is a Dubai based delivery app.

This app enables Karama restaurants to deliver to Business Bay, Discovery Gardens, Barsha and IMPZ, and almost every other town in between.


  1. Instashop



Instashop is an app which delivers groceries right to your doorstep within the given time. They aim to “bring the supermarket right at home”.

The app is divided into 20 categories from Dairy and eggs, and fruits and vegetables to coffee and tea, and baby care.

You just need to register your name and address and you are done. Then keep your favorite items on the wish list and later on pay the bill. It works exactly like the shopping apps.

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