Know About The Latest Version Of Skype

Skype has officially announced its brand new features and updates. The makers of Skype was working on its updates from quite a long time. Microsoft's voice and video calling and instant messaging service is a quite popular app among the masses. The new update has introduced various features like GIFs and gradient messages.



The latest update allows you to view the status of a person on the chat screen and also lets you to see her/his last seen details. You can now share your messages, or links or any media files directly from your chat screen to other apps installed on your smartphone same as what we see on some chatting apps like WhatsApp.


In the world of cut-throat competition where all the other apps are consistently introducing new features and improving their services, Skype also decided to follow their footsteps. So they added new themes and enhanced the interface of the chat screen to make Skype more interesting and engaging.


The other updates include bug fixes to delete contacts and conversations and using other apps while you are in a call.


The updates are for both iOS and Android services and also on the web version of Skype. You need to update the Skype app on your handset. Also, the people who are there in your Skype contacts should update their Skype, then only you will be able to enjoy the latest update.


So if still haven't updated the latest version of Skype, do it right now and also share it with your contacts. Start using all these great features today.

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