All You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy X

The next happening big thing from Samsung is Samsung Galaxy X. Since several months we have been seeing several prototypes of the alleged handset and the successor of S-series handset. After the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, now all eyes are eagerly waiting for its successor. Few rumors hint the successor to be Samsung Galaxy S10 or Samsung Galaxy X.


While the details about the Galaxy X are still unclear, let us have a look at all those rumors that tell us what we can expect from the upcoming Samsung handset. The handset is expected to have features that keep it against the upcoming iPhones for 2018. It is not just the Samsung that is working on the foldable displays, we have spotted even Apple and Huawei filing a patent for the foldable technology.

Samsung Galaxy X Release Date

According to various reports, the foldable Samsung Galaxy X was given a code name Project Valley. Since 2016, we are hearing the name Samsung Galaxy X and still, the release date is unclear. While it was thought that the South Korean giant would introduce foldable phone along with Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus at MWC 2018. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.


It is like we need to stretch out more for the Samsung Galaxy X release date in UAE. With the more emphasis on foldable OLED displays, and these plans would be the probable reason for such a long delay. However, it is likely that we may get to see the Samsung Galaxy X very soon this year and may hit the shelves in 2019. It is rumored that Samsung will release an only limited set of handsets.

Samsung Galaxy X Rumor Round-up

If the patent is to be true, then the most anticipated Samsung Galaxy X in UAE may have two OLED panels joined with a hinge in the middle. As in Samsung Galaxy S8, the panels are likely to have a bezel-less display thus giving it a seamless look. Rumors suggest the South Korean giant is experimenting on several bezel-less display screen with an in-display fingerprint sensor. Moreover, the Galaxy X is ought to carry sleek design than the present trend smartphones. While the design is still unclear, rumors mill about the Samsung Galaxy X specs. When unfolded, the device has a 7.3-inches OLED display which can be folded inwards and outwards.

samsung-foldable-phones-compared-to-flip-phones-980x457-1478860034_1100x513As for the internals, the rumors claim that Samsung is working on the new chip which may get into mass production in 2019.Probably the Galaxy X may carry this new chipset. Moreover, the most popular 3D Face ID may make its debut with this upcoming device. While, there is no much information about this technology, but it offers the same performance as in iPhone X. From the patent design, we got to know the design but it is still unknown of how it actually works. Despite all these rumors, the true foldable smartphone is a mystery even in 2018. Rumors suggest that even the tech giant Apple is working on the foldable iPhones that may make its debut in 2020.

Samsung is even working on to release the Samsung Galaxy A6 duo in April 2018.

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