All you need to know About Virgin Mobile in UAE

Virgin, one of the world’s trusted and respected brands is now all set to offer an amazing mobile experience in UAE. The Virgin Mobile brand made its debut on September 5th, 2017 by Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC). Since its launch, the Virgin mobile has become the first service provider to offer fully digital mobile service.


One of the Virgin group founders says "This is a very exciting time for us, and we are proud to announce the launch of the Virgin Mobile brand in the UAE. The digital service that Virgin Mobile is offering is world-class and cutting-edge. We have a fantastic team in place who I believe will make mobile better for customers across the UAE."

The Managing Director of EITC's Virgin Mobile business unit Karim Benkirane says, "After months of rigorous testing, we bring the first fully digital mobile service to the UAE"

About Virgin Mobile UAE App

Targeting the Young digital Savvy users, Virgin is offering all its mobile services via an app- The Virgin Mobile UAE app. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play/Apple App store. Once installed, it allows the user to pick their choice of mobile number, customize the mobile plan and scan the ID proof. Later the Virgin mobile SIM card will be delivered to the registered address anywhere in UAE within an hour. Now you need not visit any store and spend your valuable time in getting SIM registration done.


Just log in to the app, choose the mobile number and set the plan according to your monthly usage. While other operators still use the same traditional methods to switch operators, Virgin makes it easy for you by digitalizing the process of switching operators without the need to change mobile number. The app does it all at your convenience in more secured manner. The monthly plan once set can be changed at any time. With this approach, Virgin is setting a competitive challenge to other operators.

Virgin Mobile in UAE

Consumers in UAE are already enjoying popular services from Virgin brand like Virgin Radio, Virgin Megastore, and Virgin Atlantic. All these services are known for its service excellence in this competitive global brand. As for the Virgin mobile app experience, Beta users were the first to experience and provide valuable feedback. After extensive testing, Virgin mobile has made its app live and has already started to scramble over the internet in UAE. It started offering best mobile numbers with best plans in the 0585 series.

Karim Benkirane, managing director at Virgin Mobile UAE says “Your mobile number is important, and we are proud of our great new 0585 number range and we are asking the UAE ‘What’s your Virgin Mobile number?’” “0585 000 000 has an obvious appeal but many people have a number that is special to them, or perhaps want to share number combinations with friends. We want to let our customers personalize their mobile experience by choosing for themselves from our range of one million available number combinations”.

Online Auction for Mobile Number Plan

Furthermore, the company has announced an online auction for some coveted numbers that will be available in UAE for years. This includes 0585 and 000 000, which are ought to be the most desirable plans ever are to be sold in UAE online.


The online auction for the most popular mobile number plans runs till 8PM on Saturday. Other mobile numbers with 0585 series will be given to the users on first come first serve basis on the Virgin Mobile app. The basic package of the Virgin mobile plan starts at AED 89.

Virgin is trying to accomplish the company strategy of making mobile better through the Virgin Mobile UAE app. The introduction of Virgin mobile into the market may create more competition in the telecom market. If you want to enjoy the services of this innovative digital platform from Virgin, then quickly login to the website and check for the plan details. Experience the future of mobile technology with the Virgin Mobile UAE app.

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