A New Day and A New Problem with the Pixel Phone

It seems like there is no end to Google’s problem with their latest handsets Pixel Phones. The most recent one is the Pixel 2 cameras are showing odd flickering and banding under LED lights.

Pixel Phones

Before we saw that some handsets were shipped without the operating system. While there were some devices which had uneven artifacts, there were some OLED panels which was washed out. This is not it!

Some said the Pixel phones gave some buzzing sounds. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL every day in the news for their never-ending defects. And now the cameras are also giving some kind of trouble to its users.

According to many owners of Pixel phones, the cameras are working oddly with the LED lights. Check out the video above where you can see the flickering and banding on and near the LED lights. Both the primary and secondary cameras are affected.

“According to the user who posted this video, both the front- and rear-facing cameras are affected whether it’s a photo or a video.”

The Google Pixel phones are widely known for their cameras and now even the problems have started affecting the camera performance.

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