New Update: YouTube Adds “Breaking News” Feature On Homepage

YouTube is one of the most popular online video platform, where you will find millions of videos. Google also keeps on adding new features to the YouTube as per the people’s demands and choices which is why it’s favorite among the masses.


YouTube is a medium of entertainment where you can watch music videos, movies, can learn many things and even upload your own video. And now, users are starting to see the “Breaking News” section on the YouTube homepage on the desktop and mobile version.

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The “Breaking News” section shows an exclusive collection of videos that show breaking news across the globe. The new section shows seven videos which users can watch.


A report said that YouTube is showing suggestions based on user’s geographical location. However, YouTube did not comment anything about the “Breaking News” section so it can’t be said whether the new feature is an occasional one or a permanent one. You are also given an option of ‘hide’ the section if someone doesn’t want to see it.


The new feature is available for iOS and Android platform. If you haven’t updated your YouTube app, then do it immediately to enjoy the new section.

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