New Year 2017 Dubai – Events and Party 2017 New Year Dubai UAE [Guide]

The new year is celebrated in different ways all around the world. Some people prefer celebrating with family, while others prefer a road trip with friends to ring in the end of another year.

New Year 2017 is approaching and people have already started planning, not only for the New Year’s Eve, but also for the whole year with promising resolutions. Everyone looks forward to a great start with New Year 2017, and so Dubai prepares to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a bang. Dubai’s all set to brighten up the beginning of the new year, and add colours to the night as a symbol of hope and celebrations for the year to come. It also marks the end of a great year on a positive note, to keep everyone motivated.


No matter how people celebrate it around the world, the excitement for New Year 2017 is already in the air. While some may focus on celebrations, others prefer shopping around for new items to add to their wardrobe, office desk, home décor, porch, or even to their cars… which isn’t such a bad idea. Many retailers give great offers around this time, as a way to say goodbye to the year and welcome a new one. The year 2017 brings with it some promising deals in Dubai, where people are given a chance not just to celebrate by witnessing the world’s most beautiful fireworks from the world’s tallest building, but also to acquire their favorite items at discounted prices!

The city plans to come to life yet again on the eve of New Year 2017, and will continue to offer exciting opportunities to the people throughout the year with its celebratory offers! Apart from Burj Khalifa fireworks, here is how Dubai plans to make the eve of New Year 2017 the most awesome for everyone, marking a great start of the year for you!

Downtown Dubai Celebrations:

If you like to relax through music and enjoy an evening out with your closest friends, then Downtown Dubai offers exactly that. Emaar Properties organizes a party every year where well-choreographed performances can light up your mood, along with music that compliments the ambience of the evening.



Jumeirah Emirates Towers:

Not everybody is a fan of chaos and large crowds. So to enjoy a more peaceful environment indoors, scrumptious food, dancing, and an overall good time with your friends and loved ones, you should head to Jumeirah Emirates Towers. It throws well-organized parties where you can show off your moves in their ballroom and enjoy good food, with a party-hearty crowd.


Nasimi Beach Party:

For many people, nature comes first! They prefer open spaces that offer maximum exposure to nature, even during New Year’s Eve. Nasimi Beach Party is all about the beach, dancing, and great music! To make the night even more memorable, fireworks light up the sky when the clock strikes 12. So you can experience the mesmerizing combination of fireworks at the beach.


There are many more ways to enjoy New Years in Dubai. So you can pick what suits your tastes best, and celebrate New Year 2017 your way!

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