Nikon Mirrorless Camera Is Confirmed to Arrive In 2019

Finally! Nikon reveals something about the existence and launch of the Mirrorless camera. Keeping an end to the rumors, the Nikon manager confirms the launch of the Nikon mirrorless camera probably by Spring 2019. Since 2017, this is the first official news from Nikon about the Nikon mirrorless camera launch date UAE. So, we can expect this innovative camera to make its presence by June 2019.



“Unfortunately, we weren't able to bring out a mirrorless model for this year's event. But development is underway, and we expect to bring one to market by spring next year.”

Apart from the approximate launch date, the company did not specify any details regarding its specs and features. However, the rumors claim the mirrorless camera to have a new lens mount called Z-mount that features an external diameter of 49mm. Moreover, in one public statement, the Nikon director stated that the Nikon mirrorless camera will have a full frame sensor. Probably, the camera will have a 30MP or more phase detection sensor.

Furthermore, the patent information suggests that Nikon is in works on their own BSI technology that make it compete with the Sony mirrorless camera. It is speculated that it will be similar to the Nikon D850 sensor with an added mirrorless camera system. Whilst the news is quite exciting, it is quite unclear of what the upcoming mirrorless camera will bring in.


It is not only Nikon that is in plans to launch the mirrorless camera, even Sony and Canon has a lineup of the mirrorless camera this year. Reports further state that Canon is in a testing phase for the latest full-frame mirrorless camera. It is good to know that almost all the camera manufacturers are looking to have a transition from the DSLR camera to the advanced mirrorless camera system.

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