No More Windows Phone from Microsoft Store

Do you really believe that the era of Windows phone is diminished? Then here is an article to support the truth that Microsoft is planning to kill its own Windows platform. The giant software company is now concentrating its services on Android and iOS platform.

Joe Belfiore, the Microsoft division head made this news official from his recent tweets. He accepted that Windows has no plans to integrate new features for Windows 10 mobile. It is clearly specified that they are focusing only on few features in last Windows versions like security updates, and bug fixes.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone

Belifore further added that Windows phone is facing few major drawbacks that are remained unresolved. Even developers are not showing interest in getting them resolved. Lack of apps is the major problem in this tech-giant Microsoft Windows platform. He officially admitted that they are moving to Android/iOS platform.

Windows phones are slowly replacing with Android Smartphones. Recently, there was a launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 from Microsoft store. Razer mobile, which was another latest version of the Android phone from Microsoft, is available for purchase at Microsoft online store.

Windows phone

“Microsoft Launcher” an App available in Google play store that lets Android user continue editing documents, viewing photos or browsing website from phone to PC. A single tap on files in home screen triggers them to launch on a PC.

It is definitely a great feeling for an Android user to access Microsoft services. Long press on required files directs the user to continue the experience in Windows 10 PC.

Overall, users are expecting a lot more in future. This is just another sign that this software giant is trying to compete with its rival mobile platforms in all aspects. For Microsoft, It is definitely an effective plan to move over to Android platform but is really a bad news for Windows Phone fans.

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