Nokia 3310 2017 Review

Ever wondered what it would be like to use the Nokia 3310 in this time and age? Surely that’s a thought that never crossed the earlier Nokia 3310’s user’s mind, in the current decade. It was one of the most reliable, and highly-demanded phones back then. And after going off the grid for a while, much to everyone's surprise the Nokia 3310 has decided to come back into the market, with the ultimate re-launch in this present time. It aims to come back as an affordable backup for the current smartphone users.


It is indeed one of the most popular phones from the earlier days that many people from all around the world have used. Interestingly, what made it popular was its strong and apparently indestructible body! According to the rumours, the reincarnation of this phone will include four games including the most popular one, which is Snake II. Moreover, Pairs ll, Space Impact, and Bantumi can also be played in the new Nokia 3310. And in the off-chance that the original phone might not have much value in today’s market, its re-launch will also include some upgraded features along with a fresh design. The phone would also let the users set up to 10 reminders, and avail other applications such as the Clock and Calculator as well.

Another fact that always differentiated the original Nokia 3310 from other phones was its long battery life. Ever since smartphones have become common, this is one problem that many users face in their busy lives. The re-launch of the phone means that the users will also be able to avail its long battery hours, along with its strong body.

Other features such as built-in Radio, and personally composed ringtones may also be included in the set. Being able to create your own ringtone gives your set a unique feature, and lets one pass time creatively. Also, a 1.5” screen is what the users will get in the form of a display.

That’s still not all! With its efficient battery pack, the user can avail the long battery life once again, which is between 55 and 245 hours on standby. According to rumours, the new Nokia 3310 will also come in many new exciting colours, to add a personal, colorful touch to the phone.

There is still a lot of information that is yet to be released about the phone. With crossed fingers, customers and critics are hoping that the Nokia 3310 would be able to pull off the reincarnation of their most beloved and popular phone from an era when mobile phones were not as common as they are today.

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