Nokia 3310 ‘Putin-Trump’ Summit edition by Caviar

The Russian Company Caviar has launched the exclusive Summit edition of ‘Putin-Trump' in Nokia 3310 which has a portrait of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump together. This is a special respect given to the meeting of Putin and Trump at the G20 summit.


Generally, iPhones are given such high treatment. But this honor was given to the reinvented Nokia 3310. The ‘Putin and Trump' figure has been crafted from "the hardened titanium with a pattern of Damascus steel", which you'll find on the device.


The portraits are made up of gold on the back side of Nokia 3310, and they look towards the same direction which symbolizes "a desire for progress in US-Russian relations" apparently. You will also see an emblem of the G20 summit just below the portrayal and the collector's 3310 ships in a special black velvet box.


Nokia 3310 ‘Putin-Trump' Summit edition by Caviar in Dubai UAE will price around 9057 AED. Though it may be expensive, you won’t mind paying for this special and limited edition.


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