Finally, Nokia 8 is Available For Pre-Order Now!

Nokia the King of Mobiles are back with an exclusive array of Android smartphones. Nokia 8 has been made official by HMD Global a few days back. We have seen many leaked images and features of the upcoming handset which will be unveiled in September.

Nokia 8

Nokia 8 was expected to be priced at the higher end, but HMD Global announced that the device will be at a much cheaper price and will easily fit in your budget.


The upcoming device is now available for pre order in Europe, Germany, and Russia. Nokia 8 in Europe will cost 705USD (AED 2591). In Germany, you can pre-order from O2 or Mobilcom Debitel where Nokia 8 will cost 680USD (AED2500).


The smartphone will also be available in Telekom, Media Markt, Saturn, and Amazon in the country. If you order the handset from O2 you will get a free Nokia Steel smartwatch, which usually retails for 148.12USD (AED 544).


In Russia, you can pre-order the device from Megafon that will cost you around 676 USD (AED 2483). The exclusive handset will available in four distinctive colors that are Polished Blue, Tempered Blue, Silver, and Polished Copper.

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