Nokia A1 Plus Release Date, Price and Launch in Dubai UAE

Nokia is one of the most loved brands. Nokia was the brand every other person used to buy as it was the only market leader at that time. Nokia was lacking behind because of few decisions made by the company as it followed the Windows operating system trend. The time changed and people have become obsessed with Android and OS operating systems. Samsung and Apple turned off the scenario for Nokia and everything changed. Nokia then was out of the market and now it is coming back with some reliable and smart devices. Nokia smartphones are now in the news as Nokia has jumped into the Android operating system. With this interesting switch, Nokia again has gained the customer's attention and trust and getting the limelight.


Nokia has already announced Nokia 5.1, Nokia 3.1 and Nokia 2.1. These three handsets are budget smartphones and give great features. Nokia 8 Sirocco was also released in 2018 and it was assumed the 2018 flagship of Nokia. Nokia 8 Sirocco do give the premium class and style but it lacks in the premium experience. However, Nokia has now planned to bring another smartphone as its flagship and all eyes now on it. Nokia 9 was in news since 2017. There were a lot of expectations and speculations about Nokia 9, but when Nokia 8 Sirocco released it was assumed that it is the same smartphone. Well linking to that now it is also speculated that Nokia 9 is now into “Nokia A1 Plus” which is also known as “Nokia A1P”.


Latest Processor

The speculation about this new smartphone is that Nokia wanted to come up with the chipset of high-end processor Snapdragon 845. This processor is in the market for 7 months almost. Nokia now wants to add this chipset into its new smartphone as it has already taken a lot of time in launching by Nokia. Even the anticipated Nokia X6 has Snapdragon 636 and Nokia 8 Sirocco has Snapdragon 835, not Snapdragon 845. The new Nokia A1 Plus is expected to be launched with Snapdragon 845. Not only the processor of Nokia A1 plus is speculated. There are many other rumors circulating. It is being leaked by one of the tipsters Roland Quandt. The other main things leaked by him are that HMD and FIH (Foxconn) are in the coordination to bring the Nokia A1P with the Snapdragon 845.


In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

There are two other big things as well. The one is in-display fingerprint scanner which is also now one of the trendy things in the big brands. Samsung is also about to bring that in-display fingerprint scanner in its Samsung S10. Xiaomi has already launched this feature in its flagship Xiaomi Mi 8. It is also in news that was experimenting for the in-display fingerprint scanner for a very long but wasn’t successful in the initial stages as it was applying on the thin display. The device was lacking the signals and imprints in unlocking this way.  The developers by themselves accepted that the reader is giving errors in the reading of the fingerprint. But now with the testing phase is being cleared and Nokia has got the grip over it. As far as the thin display is related, the news is that LG OLED panel might be installed in the Nokia A1P.


High-Risk Camera

Further, Nokia is also going to come up with “High Risk” camera. It is also not clear yet that what does it actually mean. The high-risk camera might be the good competition to the rivals as now camera battles are also on. Samsung and Apple are in news for bringing triple cameras in next flagships, whereas, LG has taken over all the hype by the rumor of launching 5 cameras in a single device which LG V40. Well, it is also speculated that Nokia might also come up with a hidden camera set up which pop-ups like Vivo NEX or Oppo Find X. The market has become so dynamic that anything could be expected from the upcoming flagship as R&D is delivering something huge every day.


Nokia A1 Plus Price in Dubai

Nokia A1 Plus is in rumors and news from yesterday. The price of Nokia A1 Plus in Dubai, UAE is not confirmed yet. The prices are dependent on the premium features added to it. As it is speculated with the latest features so the Nokia A1 Plus price in Dubai are going to be high.

Nokia A1 Plus Release Date in Dubai

The smartphone is announced recently so the Nokia A1 Plus release date in Dubai is not confirmed but the one thing which has high chances are that Nokia A1 Plus will be released in 2018 as well.

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