Nokia Edge 2017 Price ,Launch / Release in Dubai UAE & Specification, Features (Trailer Video)

Nokia Edge 2017 Price in Dubai UAE, In upcoming days Nokia is going to Launch new mobile phone in 2017 which name as Nokia Edge. The display will be the Edge to Edge so this is the major reason it is considered as Nokia Edge, Buy Online, Find out the first look of Nokia Edge including Launch Date, Its Unique Features, and its best specifications. This mobile phone is coming in the competition of iPhone 7, 7 Plus and Samsung S8.

Nokia Edge 2017 Price, Launch in Dubai UAE and Mobile Specifications

Nokia is all geared up to Launch its new mobile phone in 2017 the name of which is Nokia Edge. The name of the phone is derived from its display that will be Edge to Edge. Buy Online, Find out the first look of Nokia Edge including Launch Date, Its Unique Features, and its best specifications. This mobile phone is coming in the competition of iPhone 7, iPhone7 Plus, Google Pixel and Samsung S8 so high-class specs are expected out of Nokia Edge.

Nokia Edge is expected to have many unique features that are currently not found in many smartphones such as the Edge to Edge display that gives it a classy looks and defines its identity. Nokia has already launched the Nokia 6 and Nokia d1c Mobile phone. However, the Nokia Edge Is high in range so the specifications may vary. Here is everything you need to know about the Nokia Edge including its features, Price in Dubai, its launch date and much more about its edge to edge display technology!  Let’s Come to Know more about Nokia Edge Smartphone Such as Features, price in Dubai UAE When it will launch and More about its Edge to edge display screen.


Edge to Edge Display
The edge to edge display is a unique feature of the phone which is why the phone is named after it. This means that the display of the phone runs from one edge to the other edge due to which it is a buttonless smartphone and seems like a continuous screen. To be run by the latest Android version 7.0. , this phone will also be available in a unique color and that is expected to appeal the consumers along with its unique display.

Nokia Edge 2017 Price, Specification & Features

Nokia edge will be buttonless mobile and this will be the edge to edge display. The best awesome thing about Nokia Edge is the color will be unique and very Slam looking as compared to Nokia 8, Nokia 6 and other smartphones. It will come up with the latest android Version 7.0.

  • 5.7” Display Size: The curved design of the screen expands to a size of 5.7” clear display with high resolution.
  • 24 MegaPixel Camera: With a number of attractive camera features such as Auto Focus and Extra zoom, the phone offers a front camera as well as a rear camera. The rear camera is 24MP while the front camera is 12MP.
  • 3600 mAh Battery: Making sure to provide a long running time to the user, the phone has 3600 mAh battery that lets the users enjoy a high stand up time.
  • Octa Core Processor: The Octa Core processor of the phone ensures a high speed with Android Nougat.
  • Multiple connectivities features: All sorts of connectivity features such as Bluetooth 5.0, 3G, 4G, 2G, Wifi are supported by the phone and this lets the users transfer files easily with no resistance.
  • There are the best thing which is coming in Nokia Edge is Camera is 24MP with the latest Carl Zeiss technology the one which one on the previous Nokia Mobile phones.


Features Details
 Display Edge to Edge,  5.7 Inch, 2k High-Resolution HD Amoled Display
 Camera  Rear Camera 24mp & Front Camera 12mp
 Battery  High Capacity Battery 3600 mah
 Chipset  Octa Core Processor with Android Nougat
 Other  Fingerprint Scanner, 4g, Bluetooth, Retina scanner etc


Nokia Edge Price in Dubai UAE, Release date and Launch in UAE
Though Nokia hasn’t yet released any information about the Nokia Edge yet but if you are planning on buying a phone that is high in specifications and range then you will have to wait for a little for the Nokia company to officially release the phone and let the consumers know about its specifications and edge to edge technology. The release date of Nokia Edge will also be announced by Nokia officially and hopefully, its launch in Dubai will take place soon after that. Until then, keep an eye out for any news from Nokia.

Nokia Edge Concept
The concept of the Nokia Edge is found to be similar to its predecessor Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge. However, the similarities are limited to the concept of the features of the phone are distinct. It holds the importance of being the first phone that is buttonless and also has the ability to resist water. This means that the user can stay carefree with the phone even in wet conditions. Its 2k touchscreen full HD Display is sharp and clear enough to let one stream through videos and browse through the gallery of photos captured by the great quality 24 MP rear camera. While the rear camera of the phone seems promising, the front camera is also expected to offer high-quality HD selfies!
Sporting such high specs sometimes make a smartphone hang and perform slowly. However, that is not expected to be the case with Samsung Edge as the smartphone will be using the latest Android version Nougat 7.0 with high RAM to ensure a smooth and speedy experience with the smartphone. The functionality blends perfectly with the design of the phone and offers a classy as well as a smooth professional use of the phone.

Nokia Edge Video Concept

Nokia Edge First Look Leaked Images And Photos

nokia-edge-diplay nokia-edge-camera-and-fingerprint

Nokia Edge Price, Release / Launch Date In Dubai UAE, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah
It is not official what is the price of Nokia Edge and not the official release but we can say that this mobile will give the tough competition to iPhone 7 and Samsung S8. Properly it will come in the range of AED 2500 to AED 3000 and expected the launch in July 2017.

Manufacturing of Nokia Edge
While the Nokia d1c was manufactured by HMD Global with Nokia being only its brand name, The Nokia Edge is being branded as well as manufactured by the Nokia company. However, nothing is still confirmed yet as Nokia hasn’t officially spoken about the phone. Given its first look and information based on leaks and rumors, this phone is all set to offer a high-end experience to its customers and satisfy the needs and expectations one has from a smartphone.
Best Features of the Nokia Edge 2017
• Edge to Edge display is what has got everybody excited about the upcoming Nokia Edge.
• Great Camera Quality of the front as well as the rear camera
• Latest Android Version Nougat to offer a fast and smooth experience.

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  1. This will be the best smart phone ever, it's a fantastic Nokia, it's really nice can't wait to have it in my grip.

  2. Please inform us immediately after the launching of this model with price in India and Bhutan. We are egarly waiting for this product edge to edge.

  3. Hi,very happy good morning, it's whom welcome to Nokia introduce in"UAE " Nokia Edge 2017"I m one use Nokia old mobile in passt, I m very glade to see Nokia Edge and all latest Nokia mobile"and thanks fully to Nokia to come on again with new version ""thanks fully Nokia Team"

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