Nokia’s Going to Re-Launch 3310, Nokia 6,8,5, and P1

With all that has been going on in the world of smartphones, one can easily admit that Nokia is the brand that is hogging all the attention from smartphone geeks, as well as critics, with the numerous teasers and hints on the re-launch of multiple Nokia smartphones. The hype is not just because of the brand name, but interestingly it’s also for the promising features and the new design factors that have people around the globe waiting in anticipation for the re-launch. Now, with all the hype created by Nokia about the upcoming surprises, the re-launch will prove if it was all worth it! Here are the five most popular ones that are worth mentioning:

Nokia 3310 Dubai, UAE

Does the name ring a bell? It probably does and sounds unbelievable, but it is true! Termed as the most reliable phone ever made, the Nokia 3310 is coming back into the market after seventeen years of its initial launch! The biggest perk of the Nokia 3310 has always been its durability, in terms of a strong body which is almost considered indestructible! The re-launch of this set is actually the reincarnation of it, and its features are surely going to bring back many memories from the days when mobile phones were not very common. For example, four of its most popular games can be played on it, which is Snake II, Paris II, Space Impact, and Bantumi. Moreover, the phone is expected to offer the ability to set up to ten reminders, and will also feature a clock and calculator as well.

Nokia 6 Dubai, UAE

The Nokia 6 has already been officially launched in China, in the mid of January, 2017. And the success of this phone can be determined with the fact that over a million registrations have already been made for it, even before the launch of the phone! This set is made out of premium quality aluminum, and the curved edges of the all-metal body further adds class to it. Featuring Android 7.0, and running on an Octa-core processor by Qualcomm Snapdragon, along with 4 GB of RAM, makes this phone a highly functional smartphone with a smooth experience. Moreover, it is powered by a 3000mAH battery which lasts around a day-and-a-half without any struggle, and the up-to-date microUSB charger charges the battery amazingly fast! While the phone functionally satisfies the customers, it doesn’t lag behind in the visual aspect either. A 5.5-inch screen with 403ppi pixel density offers an amazingly sharp and bright visual experience. So one can enjoy watching videos and movies, or browsing through their gallery whenever they like. That is not all, beautiful and high-quality images can be captured with its 16MP rear camera, with additional features such as autofocus and face detection.

Nokia 8 Dubai, UAE


Set is to be released very soon this year, Nokia 8 has managed to gather all the attention from its former Nokia users because of its high-end features as well as classy design. Powered by the Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 processor, the users are expecting to enjoy a smooth experience in terms of function. Since not much information has been given from Nokia, all the information about this phone is still in the form of rumors, and one can only hope for these rumours to be true! According to the sources, this set will have a 5.7” IPS LCD screen, which will let users view anything and everything with great results! The most interesting information that has been leaked, is about the camera of this phone. The Nokia 8 is expected to have a 24MegaPixel sensor combined with Optical Image Stabilization, in addition to Super Electronic Image Stabilization! This means that when travelling, one can carry the Nokia 8 with them, and capture the moments with its high-quality camera! Moreover, 6GB RAM and up to 128GB of internal storage will be offered as well.

Nokia 5 Dubai, UAE

Nokia 5 lies in the category of affordable smartphones introduced by Nokia. It has a Snapdragon 430 processor that can be found in Nokia 6 as well. However, it has 2GB RAM and 16GB of storage, which may not be enough for many users. The screen size is 5.2”, with a resolution of 720 x 1280p, which is good enough for the price it offers. Moreover, one can also take advantage of the 13-megapixel rear sensor, as well as its 5-megapixel front camera.

Nokia P1 Dubai, UAE

The latest flagship device from Nokia is Nokia P1, which is all set to release by the end of this month. This phone has Nokia customers going crazy in anticipation, as the features are interesting enough to consider it as the next big name in the market of smartphones! It is expected to run on the latest Android operating system, it will have split-screen apps, new security settings as offered by Google, along with a whole new set of fun emojis! Moreover, it’ll have an all-metal body with a 5.3” display, which will reportedly be protected by Gorilla Glass 5. So for all the clumsy users out there, this might be a good set to consider as your next personal smartphone! Interestingly, the camera of the Nokia P1 is rumoured to have a 22.6MP sensor with multiple features, which is good enough to replace a professional camera! Moreover, owing to the use of the latest Android operating system, users will also get access to the latest features offered by the Android Google software, which possibly includes a better battery as well! This means that no matter how many high-end functions are used on the phone, the battery life would make it easy for the phone to run for a longer time. Another interesting factor about the phone is that its home button can also be used to unlock the phone, and to make in-app purchases.

With such interesting information, one can only hope and wait to see if the rumours will be true, to be able to make the most of this year with Nokia smartphones.

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