Now Backup Your Entire Computer through Google Drive

Very soon Google will include a brand new feature in Google Drive which will enable you to protect your data and information. In short, the new feature will help the users to backup the entire storage disk of the computer. Most probably on June 28


Most probably on June 28th Google will execute this new feature which will be an application named as Backup and Sync.


You need to put the files inside the Google Drive to create the backup. Soon, Google will detect the backup files inside any folder you point to, which can include the entire document folder, desktop or any other locations.



The users just need to download the application Backup and Sync on their computer and log in with their Google account. They can select the folders or drives to create the backup which can later be used from different devices.


Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service which is developed by Google in the year 2012. We always keep a backup of all the crucial data and documents. The new feature will completely redefine the way we back-up the information.

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