Now Facebook Will Help You To Find Free WiFi Hotspots

In today's world, we are very much dependent on the internet. We are always connected to the web for some reason or the other. Either for work or to access the social site or even for our banking needs we always need the internet. More than mobile data people prefer Wi-Fi hotspots. But Wi-Fi is not always free you need to login to use the network.



Facebook is working on a feature which will let users locate free public Wi-Fi hotspots. Zuckerberg and his team want us to be always connected to the web and thus coming up with this unique feature through which we can spot the free public Wi-Fi.


Using of free public Wi-Fi will let you save your mobile data. The fast Wi-Fi connection in public will enable more people to use the internet and also people who deal their business through the web will be benefitting from the free Wi-Fi network.



In order to use the free public Wi-Fi option you have to open the ‘Search Wi-Fi' option and instantly the nearby free Wi-Fi zones will show on the map. However, the Wi-Fi search option is hidden in your Facebook.


You need to go to the side menu of the Facebook application, tap on ‘see all' and click the ‘search Wi-Fi' option. And it will show you the available free public Wi-Fi hotspots. And still, if you don't get it then it means it will load slowly.

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