Now LG will come with a Foldable Display

We have already informed you that Apple and Samsung are working on a foldable smartphone. And now even LG has joined the bandwagon. According to a website, LG will launch their bendable handset in the next couple of years.

In 2016 at CES, LG had manufactured an 18-inches foldable OLED screen. The company had aimed to develop a light and a thin display which can be used in smartphones. So it is assumed that LG may use this foldable display to manufacture their foldable smartphone.


In May 2016 the Seoul based company applied for a patent at the World International Property Organization (WIPO). The patent appeared in WIPO database named LG Rollable display. It is likely that the Huawei foldable smartphone will be the first smartphone to debut the LG foldable display.

The screen is foldable, curved and rollable too. The patent includes a sort of cassette system with a spinning monitor. The display can be rolled and unrolled. The screen is quite flexible.


The foldable display provides a wide viewing angle and is quite thin. The screen is also energy efficient and is extra durable. The bendable screen will bring in a revolutionary change in the world of smartphones. The foldable screen will be used on TV, smartphone, cars, and tablets. It is expected that the device will be highly expensive.

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