OnePlus 5T Leaked Image Found!

OnePlus is said to end 2017 with a bang with the upcoming OnePlus 5T. According to sources, the next in series after OnePlus 5 may be OnePlus 5T and not OnePlus 6. OnePlus 6 may show up after OnePlus 5T.

An image has been leaked on a website named Slashleaks, which could be the possible look of the OnePlus 5T. Nothing has been yet confirmed by the company.

The Chinese Company doesn’t have any plans to upgrade the processor of OnePlus 5T, only the design, camera and battery will face some tweaks. It is said that the handset will flaunt a brand new design giving it a fresh look.

There is no information as to when will the smartphone be unveiled, but till then the rumor mills are bringing in new specs about the OnePlus 5T every day. So we should take the leaks and rumors with a grain of salt.

OnePlus 5T

In the leaked image we can see that the upcoming device looks like an improvised version of OnePlus 5 with very fewer bezels and 18:9 screen ration.

Though we cannot see the rear side of the smartphone it is said that the fingerprint sensor will be placed at the back of the phone. It is also expected that the OnePlus 5T will be launched before this year ends and the company can commence the New Year with the OnePlus 6.


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