OnePlus 5T Wins over Apple with Dash Charging

Fast charging is the common feature in recent smartphones.  With the heavy usage of mobile phones these days, it has become mandatory to choose the device that offers fast charging support.  Thanks to Tom’s Guide, that made it easier to sort out the list of smartphones based on charging time.

OnePlus 5T

According to the report, Apple flagship iPhone X and iPhone 8 are lagging behind the Android OnePlus 5T, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Google Pixel 2, and LG V30. OnePlus 5T tops the list by charging quickly compared to the other devices. In the test, smartphones were charged from zero for 30 minutes. Both USB-C and dash charging adapter was used for the test.

The test revealed that OnePlus 5T relies on dash charging technology and reaches 59 percent in 30 minutes. The other devices were offering only 50 percent or less within the same time. Reports even suggest that the charge time for iPhone is much slower when done with an adapter that comes along with accessories. The iPhone X was able to charge only 17 percent in 30 minutes.

OnePlus 5T

The same test was again done for a one-hour duration. Again, OnePlus 5T was leading the list. It was able to charge 93 percent in one hour. LG V30 was in second place with 86 percent in 60 minutes span. While iPhone X was at only 81 percent.

However, Apple comes up with an option of fast charging for the recent models. To enable fast charging of iPhones, the users need to pick power USB power delivery adapter separately.

Well, now the decision is yours of which one to prefer. But if you rely completely on the gadget then fast charging is a must. In this case, OnePlus 5T would be the perfect choice for Apple smartphones.

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