OnePlus 7 Release Date, Price in Dubai and Launch in Dubai UAE

OnePlus 6 has already heated up the market. The smartphone is a package of powerful features and gives straight competition to the big brand's flagships. OnePlus 6 is a successful smartphone and now customers are looking up for OnePlus 7 with the better features and enhancements. OnePlus might also release the OnePlus 6T at the end of 2018.  The OnePlus T versions are the upgrades of the flagships with little updates. Moreover, the next big thing from OnePlus is much anticipated OnePlus 7. The price of OnePlus 7 in UAE and the release date of OnePlus 7 is also discussed in this article with the upcoming expectations and speculations about the smartphone.


The rumors or leaks of OnePlus 6T or OnePlus 7 are not out but the speculations are here about OnePlus 7 before it will hit the market. The speculations and expected features are discussed below of the upcoming device of OnePlus.

Glass Back

Since the OnePlus 6 is released with the glass back. It is also expected the same feature as the OnePlus 7. The glass back makes the smartphone look classic with a premium finish and look. The other brands with glass back smartphones have added the wireless charging feature which is also expected to be in OnePlus 7.


Alert Slider

It is also speculated that smartphone might be having an alert slider. It is the physical button on the side of the smartphone which can be customized for different profiles. If the user wants to silent or priorities the notification alerts, this physical button is used for this setting. The other smartphones of OnePlus also have this feature.


QHD Screen

OnePlus flagships is still featured with the HD screens which is now out of trend as big brands are in the market has brought QHD screen. The OnePlus 6 was featured with full HD screen but now OnePlus 7 should have QHD screen as the screen size is getting bigger day by day.


Micro SD Card Slot

The OnePlus 6 has enough of the internal storage 256GB but not all of the users are able to keep up with that as the user’s consistency of usage and data keep changes. Most of the users are now into the high usage of media like movies, pictures and music collection and for this purpose, this 256GB isn’t enough. The micro SD card slot can help the user to balance the space and data.


Water Resistance

The OnePlus 6 was released with splash resistance which means that slight water touch to a smartphone is acceptable and won't damage the hardware of the OnePlus 6. Now the OnePlus 7 is expected to have full water resistance capability so users may have the advantage to use the smartphone while close to the water locations like shower, rain and swimming pools.


Stereo Speakers

The OnePlus 6 has only one speaker at the bottom of the smartphone which limits its sound. It is expected that OnePlus 7 would be launched with double speaker and loud stereo sound. Quality sound does matters for the big name of the smartphone like this.


No Notch

OnePlus 6 was released with a notch so now the other big thing expected with OnePlus 7 is no notch. The latest smartphones of 2018 like Vivo NEX and Oppo Find X has already given the competition for the upcoming flagships as these smartphones have a full-screen display without any interruption in the screen. OnePlus 7 is also expected with some unique design, bezel-less body, and no notch.


Wireless Charging

As earlier discussed the glass back brings the feature of wireless charging with it but in OnePlus 6 it was a lack. Now with the upcoming OnePlus 7, it is expected that glass back will be coordinated with wireless charging support.


In-display Fingerprint Scanner

The OnePlus 6 still have the fingerprint scanner at its back which is now odd and old as the all-new smartphones have brought up the in-display fingerprint scanner. It is also expected that OnePlus 7 might be having an in-display fingerprint scanner as well.


OnePlus 7 Price and Release Date

OnePlus 6 was released in the mid of the 2018 so it is also expected that OnePlus 7 release date might be in the mid of 2019.  It is also speculated that OnePlus 7 release date would be in June 2019. The price of OnePlus 7 in Dubai, UAE is expected around 2000 AED.


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