OnePlus 6 Vs Asus ZenFone 5Z

Smartphone battles are on the top. Every day a new smartphone releases with the best features and make the earlier released smartphones an older technology. The world is moving fast so as the technology upgrades are happening. All the big industries in the business invest millions and billions on RnD and bring out innovative and premium products. These new innovative technologies then installed on the smartphones and released as the best versions and flagships every year. So as the big names like Samsung and Apple do their best to satisfy the customer with their premium products. The OnePlus has also made its position in the market and now known as one of the market trendsetters. Whereas, Asus has its own place and name. Asus brings quality products which can be seen as their laptop are best known and now the recently released gaming smartphone Asus ROG phone is leading in

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Honor Note 10 Specs, Release Date and Price in Dubai UAE

Honor is a sub-brand which has its main backend company is Huawei. It has it's headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The Honor series of mobile has the products like computing devices include smartphones, tablet computers, and wearable technology. There are many smartphones released by Honor this year. The hyped created were the Honor Play which is the mid-range gaming smartphone with GPU turbo. Now, again the time is to bring the much-needed product which enhances the market value and gives the Honor more stability in the market. Samsung has already Galaxy Note series and the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the news. The Honor is also into Note series and about to bring the Honor Note 10. Honor Note 10 is also the most awaited smartphone.  The Honor Note is the phablet. The recent update about Honor Note 10 is that the leaked images have surfaced on the Weibo.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Specs, Release Date and Price in Dubai UAE

Samsung brings smart and unique products to its customers. The market leader has the best quality and technology devices releases every year. The Korean brand is into so many products, their product line is quite vast as they work on a lot of things. The Samsung is not only into the smartphones but they have electronics, LCD, audio, camera, and computers.  This company has a huge investment in R&D. Samsung also into the making of the compatible device with the smartphone and for that purpose they have introduced their smartwatch Gear series. There are already different models of their smartwatches in the market. 2016 was the last time when the Gear watch series was witnessed and it was Gear S3.  Now it is the time that Samsung brings on its most loved gadget again. Samsung has planned to bring something exciting with the watch. It was used to call as

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Sony Xperia XA2 Plus Specs, Release Date and Price in Dubai UAE

Sony is a Japanese smartphone maker. They have earned great success by bringing different technology devices into the market. Their contribution is always appreciated. Not only has the smartphone, this company had its hands on other electronic devices like LCD, computers, tablets, video games and cameras. It is a global firm with its product market everywhere. This can only give the idea that how much R&D investment Sony keeps to be in the market and to bring the best products to the customers. The Sony smartphones are on the market and always create some hype. This time Sony has announced Sony Xperia XA2 Plus. This smartphone is different and yet has some similar features as its siblings of Xperia XA2.  Sony Xperia XA2 and Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra have been around since January. Sony has already Sony Xperia XZ3 lined up for September release. The mid of the year has bought

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Nokia X5 Specs, Release Date and Price in Dubai UAE

Nokia X5 is about to release very soon. Nokia has always delivered some great smartphones. There was a time when Nokia was the ruler and others used to follow the trend. But as the time flies, the up and downs are the part of the technology business. The new brands like Samsung and Apple took over the market by delivering some great smartphones and Nokia was far behind because of its decisions made at that time. But now Nokia is back with a bang and releasing some of the great smartphones. Nokia has been in news for releasing the Nokia A1 Plus very soon. The other budget smartphones are also in line. Nokia X5 is also in the line of upcoming devices from Nokia. There are other devices as well which are lined up but all the attention is on Nokia X5. This smartphone is yet a budget mobile but

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Nikon COOLPIX P1000 With 125x Super-Zoom Lens Is Official Now

The most common habit of now days is to clicking pictures and saving memories. The cameras have become life essential tool. People love to capture their favorite moments. Not as a person who loves photography but it is now a profession.  The time is passing so fast so as the technology advancement. There are various brands in the market working to bring the best of the cameras for their customers. The camera is yet another essential tool for life after smartphone. Even now the smartphone brands are in full swing to bring a perfect camera and for that, the number of lenses in the smartphone camera is increasing day by. This is being noticed in Huawei P20 Pro with the triple lens rear camera with the telephoto lens. Same would be witnessed with the Apple 2019 iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S10 which are also preparations to bring the triple lens

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The Best Budget DSLR Cameras To Buy In 2018 Under 999 AED

Clicking pictures and saving memories has become one the most common habit of the human nature. This habit now eventually has turned into the profession and people do study photography and capture moments which are beautiful and appealing. The same thing has appeared as a profession and now cameras are as the most essential tool required for performing. Overall the camera has now become only the important part of life so for that best to better technology advancement has been happening. There were times when people used to click pictures through old-style cameras which used to take time to develop photos. Now everything is instant, the picture we click appears in nana seconds on our screens. This thing has now also changed smartphone trend and even smartphone brands are more camera focused and for that bringing innovative camera specifications for better picture quality. The digital cameras are in full swing

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Top 3 Gaming Smartphones Of 2018

The year 2018 is full of smartphone releases, there are so many new innovations in the smartphones are also being witnessed. The first at the start was the triple camera concept with Huawei P20 Pro, and then there is bezel-less smartphone trend like Samsung Galaxy S9 and OnePlus 6. Afterward, the variant concept hyped and Xiaomi Mi 8 was released with 3 variants. The other most anticipated thing which has made news is the hidden camera concept in the smartphone and pop-ups when required, this concept seen in Oppo Find X and Vivo NEX. These are the great innovative trends being initiated this year. But there is another market which is totally different from these users of flagship trendy smartphones. Those are the game lovers. The game trend is now only limited to the PlayStation or X-box. There is a huge market for those smartphones users who seek the best

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LG Is Coming Up With A Smartpen To Compete With Smartphone

LG the Korean brand is here with great innovations in the field of electronics. They bring out the best through R&D for their customers. The LG was never behind in the market, where Samsung and Apple are leading, LG is also coming up with the things to give the great competition to the rivals. LG is also in the run of bringing the foldable smartphone like others. It has its patent and it will be very soon to see the foldable smartphone. With this news, there is another big plan of LG has revealed. The latest updates are that LG is working on the new innovative device. It would be not a smartphone or not a stylus. It would be the merger of both which will bring out the best. If that innovation becomes successful so we might witness a new smart device in the future. It looks like that

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Top 5 Best Laptops Of 2018 With Amazing Features

Laptops are as essentials as the smartphones, if it’s the office work or any other important task all you need a complete system to work on. The smartphone can never replace the need of Laptop as it has much greater and powerful functions which are not only required for work purpose for entertainment as well. People do use laptops as the storage device and media box, some users even use the laptops for gaming purpose. The laptop purchase is another task which needs a lot of time and market research. The user preferences could be different and depend on the requirement and purpose of the use. But in actual a good laptop is the one with all the best features compact in it with amazing prices. This list doesn't just cover the best high-end laptops,  it has been made by looking and searching for all brilliant budget laptops, amazing gaming

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