People Do Not Trust Facebook- says a Survey

A survey was conducted on the readers of a popular website and some startling results were found out. Nearly 80% of 1600 readers don't trust Facebook with their personal information.


A list of 25 brands was given to the people participating in the survey, Facebook was one of the companies which ranked the lowest. The survey clearly indicated a lack of trust in the giant social media company.


The survey was conducted in July. And one-third of the participants who took part in the survey were executives in technology, marketing, and finance sectors. 58% of the total group from the US and the rest 42% were from rest of the world.


In the world of internet, the information about the user is sensitive as well extremely important. People using Google and Facebook provide service free of charge in return for the user’s personal details. So automatically trust is the basic bond between the user and the social site. And the dearth of confidence could be fatal for Zuckerberg and team.



The European Union is very strict when it comes to data protection as compared to the US. The EU will be implementing some new regulations from next year which will start the plan of “purpose limitation”. Now this will control how companies like the giant social platform Facebook uses its user’s data.


Using words like “improving user experience” or “marketing” or “research” will be considered unlawful and unspecific language. However, no such type of regulations is validated in the US. The government, the politicians should adopt new ways and methods or create laws to make Facebook more transparent and responsible.


Big companies who are into investment and management, legal and regulatory restrictions are a huge hurdle. The lack of confidence in Facebook is not a good news for Zuckerberg and company.

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