PlayStation 5 Review: Rumor, News, Specs

PlayStation 5 will hit the markets before 2018 ends, according to Damian Thong, the Macquarie Capital Securities analyst. Thong has declared that Sony will launch its latest generation PlayStation in the final quarter of next year.



Many rumors are hovering over PlayStation 5 from everywhere as Sony is tightly lipped about it. The reason why Sony is quiet about its latest PlayStation 5 is Sony's arch-rival Microsoft is gearing up to introduce their ‘Project Scorpio' next year, so that could put the Japanese multinational company into trouble.

PS 4 boasted to offer 4K gaming. But unfortunately, it didn't meet up to the expectations. However, it is expected that the new PlayStation 5 will flaunt new hardware which will support 4K TVs and also 8K TVs too. The faster the 4K gaming feature is included in the latest PS5 the faster it will hit the markets.

Sony was the first to implement virtual reality into its gaming consoles and speculations direct towards the fact that PS 5 will take virtual reality to a whole new level.


The virtual reality headsets was a successful launch for the Japanese Company. And it is quite obvious that PS5 will be a mightier one than its predecessors and may come along with a VR which will provide an intensifying experience.


Sony doesn't want the console to be bulky so it will follow the Nintendo-like approach and pack the PS5 in a small box. "Developers want the ability to make the best games using the minimum amount of effort. We want to focus on being creative and getting things to just work," Kingsley says.

He further adds "So the hardware should be based around current console hardware, which is in turn based on PC hardware. We always want fast CPUs and GPUs, but fast RAM is also very important – it's no use having fast processors if they are starved of data."

Sony's upcoming PS 5 may include God of War, The Last of Us Part 2, Spider-Man and Gran Turismo Sport all on the horizon. Plus with Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted 4 and Persona 5 might not be a part of the PS5.

As we have mentioned earlier PlayStation 5 may release at the end of 2018 but if Sony launches its Xbox then they may push it further. So we have to wait little longer for this power-packed gaming console. And you must also be ready to shell out some extra pennies as this gadget will be priced hefty.

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