How To Hack Facebook Account Using Old Phone Number!

Facebook is one of the most widely used social sites. It has become an important part of our lives. People update and post every activity of their day to day life on Facebook.

And if you are using this giant social platform then you must be aware of the fact that you have to link your Facebook account to your phone number.

In case if you forget your password then by the phone number which you have linked to your account will help you to recover your password. You can reset your password with it.

But what if you have changed your phone number and the number is now registered with someone else? Don't worry! Programmer, James Martindale has a solution for this. He has found an easy way to hack any Facebook account.


James Martindale explained, that he bought a new SIM card and after inserting it into his mobile phone he received two text messages, one from an unknown person and another from Facebook.

The text which came from Facebook made the programmer surprised as he had still not added the new number to the account yet.


Since your number is added to your Facebook account you can enter your registered mobile number in the email field to sign in.

The programmer tried to log in from the new phone number and a random password. However, it didn't work, so he clicked on the next step which is ‘Forgot Password'.


Facebook has provided with different recovery options, from where he selected the option which said ‘recover the password using phone number'. He now entered the number on which he wanted to receive the recovery code and then created a new password to

He now entered the number on which he wanted to receive the recovery code and then created a new password to log in. So now James Martindale got the complete access of the Facebook profile.


James further described that his VoIP carrier FreedomPop lets him change his phone number anytime for $5 only. Freedom Pop and some similar type of services often show many phone number to choose from.

If you wish to hack then you can select one of those numbers and purchase that number to hack a Facebook account.

Mark and company have plainly refused to consider this as a bug for bug bounty program. They have stated that "Facebook doesn't have control over telecom providers who reissue phone numbers or with users having a phone number linked to their account that is no longer registered to them."

So the only way to avoid this issue is you should always update your profile with an active mobile number and email id. And also secure your profile by enabling the 2-step login authorization.

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