Top 5 Reasons For Your Smartphone Slows Down

In today’s world, almost everyone owns a smartphone. And Android phones are most preferred handsets. The Android operating system has a user-friendly interface and supports almost all the apps and different kinds of software.

But have you noticed after a certain time your smartphone tends to slow down and doesn’t work the way it used to do. This problem persists in Android as well as in iOS. Users often complain about their phone getting hanged or working slow.

There are many reasons behind this. So today we are going to discuss the possible causes which lead to the poor performance of the smartphone-

  1. Too many apps running in the background



When you buy a new Android phone you will find that the handset already has some pre-installed apps. Some of which may run in the background, including the system app from the phone itself.

But if the user keeps on installing more apps, then it can slow down your phone. If you are not using some of the installed apps they can still consume the RAM even it is not active.

Some popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail eat too much RAM. These apps continuously run in the background to check updates or notifications.

They are able to constantly check the updates and notification because of the automatic sync. If they are stopped from syncing in the background, the user won't be able to receive notifications about new emails until the person manually syncs the app.

The more apps run in the background the less RAM is left for the foreground processes. The user can then delete the apps or look for other alternatives. One more way is to turn off the automatic sync.

Some apps can hibernate other apps in the background. This lets the user have more RAM which can prevent lagging in the smartphone.

However, you should keep in mind that hibernating apps can lead to trouble if system apps are touched. You should be very careful in selecting which apps to hibernate.


  1. Too Much Junk in the Cache



The cache partition in an Android smartphone always fills up with junk. And if it is not cleared time to time then it may slow down your smartphone. A different phone has got a different way of wiping the cache.

The most common way is to switch off the Android phone. Then the user needs to press down the volume and power button at the same time.

The user can install a custom recovery mode, as they comprise of many options to enhance the Android phone. You will find an option of to remove the Dalvik Cache which is also helpful in speeding up the smartphone.


  1. Internal and External Storage May be Filled Up



If the internal and external storage of the Android smartphone fill-ups then chances are high that your device may slow down.

A low-end phone which has internal storage about 4GB or 8GB generally faces this kind of problem. So you should wisely save your images, music or videos.

There are some people who love playing games on their mobile phones. These also fill up the phone’s memory. A mere 4GB or 8GB storage in very low for today’s heavy apps.

Sometimes an app’s cache file also consume the internal storage. So it is recommended that the user should move the app files to the mobile’s external memory storage.

However, it can still slow the performance of the phone. As the files are not in the internal storage, the system will now take the time to read it from the external memory which may again make your phone work slowly.

  1. Smartphone is too old



Another major reason could be your smartphone is too old. If your smartphone is working constantly from more than 2-3 years then your phone may deteriorate. A software update can work but due to the constant development of software and apps, your smartphone may lag behind.

  1. Overheating



Overheating is also one of the major reason which makes your Android phone slow. If the smartphone becomes very hot the software could slow down the speed to compensate for the heat.

Playing heavy video games, watching movies at full brightness and using all of the radios (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC) at the same time leads to a poor performance of the handset. Sometimes using the phone in the hot environment also makes the phone hot restrains the handset from working smoothly.

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