Reddit Huge Update for Android and iOS Apps

Reddit is all set to launch a huge update to the Android and iOS mobile apps. The major upgrade brings in many features that were once exclusive only for iOS users. Let us look in detail into the features rendered through this major upgrade.

Reddit App

One of the main features is ‘Mod mode’ that is for moderators. This allows moderators to approve/remove/flag content. Reddit further says that it has even made most of the moderator tasks simpler which include banning, reporting and muting. To get mass action on the posts, there includes a tool ‘Mod Queue’.

The new theatre mode option for iOS apps lets the user browse video in “video-first” format. Through this format, users can have full-screen viewing experience with the media files. They can even select the Landscape mode to view the content. The full-screen video mode is made by Apollo which is one of the excellent features of the third party Reddit app.

Reddit App

The extra features for iOS app make it more beneficial for the iOS users than for Android. Reddit iOS app now supports ‘Live comment’ feature to ensure having a real-time experience as with Twitter. Reddit also allows the user to open the applications in Safari mode.

The chat feature allows the Reddit users to communicate with each other. This has been under beta testing before. Now it is available for all users, provided they can have just one to one chat.

Reddit App

Reddit further agrees that it holds around 330 million active users every month. Being this new update going live for the Reddit apps, we can expect more traffic flowing in.

Reddit users can download the new Reddit App from Google play store and iOS play store.

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